L Change The WorLd Review

Time to return to our Light Novel roots as we review L Change the WorLd written by M. L Change the WorLd is based off of the original series Death Note which was written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. L Change the WorLd was first published  at Shueisha in Japan. Then the Light Novel was licensed by Viz Media and was released December 25, 2007 in Japan and then October 20, 2009 in the United States. To be clear, this is a review of the book and not the movie adaptation. So without further adieu, let’s spend our last moments on earth destroying a terrorist plot.

Warning: There may be spoilers


L Change The WorLd story is a continuation of the live-action movie, Death Note 2: The Last Name. The Champion of Justice, L, The World’s Greatest Detective, only has 23 days left to live. After defeating Kira aka Light Yagami, L’s life was put on a timer with only 23 days left on earth. However, rather than spend the remainder of his life in peace, L must spend it solving his last epic case. The Detective’s last adventure has him in between a battle of tug of war over a very dangerous virus capable of severe damage to the population. America, Japan, and even terrorist are determined to stop at nothing to get their hands on the mass weapon of death. Now the question begs as how does L stumble onto this case? Well it all started when L comes across a young girl named Maki, who is also caught in the middle of these events.


First we have the Great Detective with an expiration date, L aka Lawliet. L is the world’s greatest Detective that managed to successfully defeat Kira and his reign of terror. However, he needed to write his own name in the death note in order to secure his victory. Now with 23 days left to live L is pitted against another challenging adversary, guess not rest for the wicked. Next is Maki, an innocent girl that just wanted to be with her father. Unfortunately, her father was killed by a terrorist organization after her father made a cure to the deadly virus. With nowhere to go and spurned by both grief and revenge, L decides to look after her with the little time he has left while he solves the case. L and Maki’s friendship really develop into something akin to siblings. With L trying to hold Maki’s hand or giving her a hug whenever she starts to experience grief over her father being killed. Next we have the FBI Agent Suruga to replace Naomi(RIP), his main task was to confiscate the death notes under L’s custody. However, because of the developing case surrounding a virus, Suruga becomes forced to help L on his last adventure in stopping the terrorists from having their way. Next we have the Terrorist group called Blue Ship, with an extreme goal. Turns out, there reason for obtaining the virus is to use it to kill off the majority of humanity in order to save the environment… I have no comment on this. Next is Kujo, who was an assistant to help Maki’s father in developing the cure. She appeared to be a very attractive female as she manages to flirt and distract Suruga heavily. In case it wasn’t obvious Kujo is also K the main Villain of this whole story, sure she allied with Blue Ship in order to obtain the virus. However, it becomes apparent that she was just using them to a means to an end. Misa makes a return as well in this novel. Seriously, no matter what the continuity Misa never seems to die off, like cute girls are immortal. Either she makes a brief appearance in the novel and she has no memory of her time in the death note, so her role is miniscule. Next is the return of our favorite idiot, Matsuda. Matsuda’s main claim to fame in this story is that he reenacts his fake falling death scene in a similar way during the Yotsuba arc in the original series. Lastly is Near, now unlike the movie, Near is not the Thai boy given by F. Near is already a fully established character in this adaptation and is primed and ready to take over L’s place. There is brief mention of him in the story.


This book, L Change The WorLd, was a pretty solid entry in the Death Note universe, even as an alternate route. I watched the movie before the book, and I have to add that the Book wins(as always). The book takes almost a completely different turn from the film. I know a lot of people seem to hate Near for some odd reason. However, in the book Near takes a more of a back seat role. Unlike the Movie, there is no gift from F, there is no mysterious Thai boy that follows L around. It was very interesting to see how L operates as the Greatest Detective when he is not battling the supernatural elements. Unlike the LA:BB Murder case, we see L in the driving seat of this investigation both figuratively and literally. L was up against America’s finest but still manages to outwit them. Even going as far as to threaten the President of the United States to make a better world children or he’ll write his name in the death note. Obviously, L is bluffing, but the fact L was forced to use flash bombs to escape lethal force from secret agents clearly means they took him as a threat. So why not take advantage? It was nice to see Maki’s character development, from seeking vengeance to retribution and forgiveness. L goes through a lot of things out of Character from his attachment to Maki. Which is not a normal L fans are accustomed to. Even going as far as staging a rampage against Blue Ship. The ending was very bittersweet but I suppose it was a proper send off. At the very least it’s the best one we are gonna

get for L.

Rating: 4/5

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