Destiny Rise Of Iron Game Review

Destiny Rise Of Iron is the second Major Expansion in the Action-Role-Playing First Person Shooter Destiny. It was released on September 20, 2016 as the fourth and last expansion for Destiny. Published by Activision and Developed Bungie. Destiny Rise of Iron is available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Destiny Rise of Iron is a good expansion to Destiny it kept me playing and there were some things that I enjoyed about Rise of Iron/Destiny  those things were the story of Rise Of Iron, the customization of Destiny,and  the weapons of Destiny.

The Story

Rise of Iron starts with you being a Guardian meeting the former member of the Iron Lords named Lord Saladin, the Iron Lords were a group of Guardians that were honored during the Iron Banner which was a Crucible event to commemorate Iron Lords. Saladin prepares to defeat the Fallen Devil Splicers who rediscovered a Golden Age self regenerating Nano-Tech Called to use to turn them into cyborgs, by gathering a new generation of Iron lords.


The Customization of Destiny is interesting you start by picking three different races, Human which are a sentient species to Earth they take a no nonsense approach a tough and stern outlook with a goal of rebuilding civilization as quickly as possible. Exos are Humanoid Machines that are self aware. Awoken are a bluish-gray skinned species who are descendants of humans who during the collapse tried to run to far reaches of space to escape the darkness which is an ancient mysterious enemy.Then something strange and mysterious happen that altered them forever.

Once you choose your race you then choose your class from three different classes, Hunter who are a Guardian class that specializes in agility and for their melee they use a hunter knife. Titans who are a Guardian class that specializes in armor and their melee is using their fist. Warlocks are a Guardian class that specialize in combining magic with modern weapons and for their melee they use a push.

The Weapons

Destiny has a vast variety of weapons from the Hand-cannons that resembles the six shooter revolvers with short range and high impact, Sniper rifles that have long range scopes and high damage. Rocket launchers that deals massive damage to a large radius, Fusion rifles that are close to mid range directed energy rifles that have charge cycles. Sidearms that are pistols with high fire rate with low range and impact, Shotguns close range with high damage, Scout rifles are semi automatic rifles that have high accuracy, Pulse rifles are burst fire rifles made for mid range. Auto rifles are fully automatic rifles that have high recoil, Machine guns that have high rate of fire and extreme magazine capacity and deal a lot of damage, and lastly Swords deal massive damage to a single target and can be used to block bullets.


Destiny Rise of Iron is a great expansion to the Destiny Game and is full of fun and enjoyment and the weapons you can collected and the classes you can use make it even more interesting. I recommend this to anyone who owns Destiny and wants to continue to have even more fun.

Rating 8.5/10

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