Lupin the IIIrd: The Blood Spray of Goemon Ishikawa Review

Greetings folks, it is time for us to take a look at another chapter in the Lupin universe. Today we review Lupin the IIIrd: Chikemuri no Ishikawa Goemon or The Blood Spray of Goemon Ishikawa. The Blood Spray of Goemon Ishikawa was made by animation studio Telecom Animation Film. presented by TMS Entertainment. The movie was directed by Takeshi Koike, music by James Shimoji, and produced by Takeshi Koike and Yu Kiyozono. The movie was originally released on February 4, 2017 and is a sequel to the spin-off series, The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, and a sequel to the film Daisuke Jigen’s Gravestone.

Warning: There may be spoilers.


At the start of The Blood Spray of Goemon Ishikawa movie takes place on a casino ship that was run by the Yakuza. All sorts of gambling and debauchery taking place. Soon we see Goemon as the bodyguard of the Yakuza boss. Typical in the casino scene, someone get’s caught cheating and gets taken to the back for a savage beatdown. Eventually, the cheaters backup arrives and while they still get curb stomped by the Yakuza, we get to see Goemon show off his fancy swordsmanship to protect the boss from a gunshot. Meanwhile we see the man himself, Lupin the Third, arriving on scene to raid the vault. With the help of Jigen turning off the infrared lasers, Lupin manages to get in the vault, but somone was one step ahead of him. Mine Fujiko arrives earlier than Lupin stealing all the money in the vault. Meanwhile, one more uninvited guest shows up to the party severely damaging the ship’s engine. Goemon leaves his boss to confront the assailant, and challenges the assailant to a duel. Turns out the assailant’s name is Hawk AKA the Bermuda Ghost, an ex super solider that was presumed dead. Turns out Hawk is not after the Yakuza or money, he only has eyes for a Titular Thief, a Gunslinger, and a dubious Cat Burglar. With the death of Goemon’s boss making him hot for vengeance and the gang being hunted down how will they get out of this mess.

The Characters:

No Lupin movie can be complete without Lupin the Third, the greatest thief of his generation. Joining Lupin in his latest adventure is Jigen Daisuke, the gunslinging partner to our stylish thief. Next is the double crossing femme fatale and Lupin’s sometimes love interest, Mine Fujiko. Next is the stubborn Inspector always hot on their tail, Inspector Zenigata. Despite these amazing characters the real star of the show, Goemon Ishikawa. There is nothing this Samurai cannot cut be it steel, lighting, fire, even the moon. However, Goemon must face off against a savage assassin with extreme reflexes after the gang, Hawk, otherwise known as the “Bermuda Ghost”. Hawk was an ex-soldier famous for being a one man army, supposedly Hawk was presumed dead after a certain mission hinting that he may have died in the explosion. Unfortunately, the rumor about his death may have been false, but him being a one man army…was not.

The Animation and Music:

For The Blood Spray of Goemon Ishikawa is no opening soundtrack for the movie, but the ending theme for the movie is “SATORI” by Rob Laufer. It was a nice ending theme of the movie that helped to capture the solemn ending… Although the ending for the movie itself wasn’t so peaceful. The animation was very fluid, especially during the fight scenes with Goemon cutting people down. From the scene of Goemon taking on the Yakuza group to the final showdown between Goemon and Hawk. Just watching Goemon’s fluid swordsmanship proved to be lovely spectacles to watch.


The Blood Spray of Goemon Ishikawa was a pretty good watch for a Lupin movie. That being said, there were a few things I was disappointed in. For example, we did not see much of Lupin in action or any of his antics. We mostly see Lupin as a side character along with the others while Goemon is the main character in the movie. While this should be ok, the reason I complain about this because in the previous movie, Daisuke Jigen’s Gravestone, Lupin still had more of a hands on role even though Jigen was the main focus of the story. There wasn’t really any mystery to solve in this movie and the plot was straight forward. Goemon loses his honor with the death of his boss, then must reclaim his honor by taking on the assassin in a duel. Lupin and the gang were mainly just a plot device, as in they didn’t do much of anything except play damsel in distress. Another issue, I never quite understood why the bodyguards left their boss to die just for saying “Where’s Goemon?” They actually just walked away as their boss was being crushed by rubble. Where they jealous of Goemon? Even so, I do not believe we saw enough of the characters interacting with the boss of Goemon to really justify some sort of angst they would have against them. Another point, Fujiko had no purpose in the film besides being fan service. Don’t get me wrong, that is her major role in the series anyway, but it lacked the back stabbing, double crossing charm to it. Fujiko has the tendency to help shake up the plot and add some twist… She did none of that she had a few lines and aside from using a bong provocatively and incorrectly, Fujiko did not offer much fanservice either. Lstly, we never did find out who hired Hawk to assassinate Lupin and the gang…at all. We get a few hints that is could be potentially linked to the previous movie, but nothing concrete. Despite these concerns, just seeing the movie to mainly see Goemon in action was a treat well unto itself.

Rating: 3.5/5


  • darkhorse

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    Let’s get the first thing out of the way: this movie truly lives up to its title It’s gory. It’s bloody. It’s something that Lupin III is offering for pretty much the first time. Yeah, there’s been blood and some mild gore, but there’s some fairly disturbing scenes thrown in. Art direction is fantastic as usual. I really like the more mature view of Lupin III that this movie has. It’s something Lupin needed to a degree, almost as if it’s a homage to the original manga. It’s mature enough to be appealing to older audiences, but doesn’t take itself too seriously. It has the same “air” as all the other Takeshi Koike films. It’s dark and disturbing. Sexual at times. But that’s something I don’t mind. It’s really startling how Lupin can either be fun and light, or can be the complete opposite and sometimes disturb its viewers.It felt much more enjoyable than Takeshi Koike’s first Lupin special, that being Jigen Daisuke’s Gravestone. I feel like this special was more “tight” – now that they’ve worked with their interpretation of blue jacket Lupin once, they’ve now gotten it right. I’m excited to see what they might have in store next.I watched this without subtitles and my understanding of spoken Japanese isn’t the greatest, so I can’t say much about the story, unfortunately. The main villain was interesting and creepy, despite not really looking like it.As for characterization, the special mainly focuses on Goemon and his view of his honour from what I could understand. I felt like his characterization was similar to that of The Mystery of Mamo – he becomes a brooding samurai, faced with defeat, unsure of what to make of himself. He’s not really a punchline at all. He’s very serious in this special, almost to a terrifying degree (as Lupin puts it in the original green jacket series, he’s a “scary man”). The antics between Lupin, Jigen, and Fujiko were quite entertaining. Their silliness was a lot more adult-oriented. I got the feeling from this film that Goemon wasn’t very close to them at all, but I think it fit for his character. Zenigata’s characterization of a more hardened detective is also starting to grow on me, and I liked his interactions with the gang.Regardless, if you’re a fan of the more violent and serious Lupin, this is a special that you need to watch. I’ll definitely be rewatching it once subtitles come out so I can fully understand it. Visually, this is the most appealing thing. The animation is incredibly smooth and the characters are always so nicely drawn. The way they draw each character has really been refined in this special. It’s definitely a treat, so I highly recommend you check it out.

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