Flash 22 (2016) Review: Doctor Manhattan Checkup

Title Flash 22 (2016)

Story by Joshua Williamson

Art by Howard Porter, Hi-Fi

Publisher: DC Comics

Release Date: 5/17/17

I am back with the final review in “The Button” an event that has promised to enlighten what is going on with DC Rebirth. Up to now, the event has taken Flash and Batman on a series of adventures featuring seeing Flashpoint Batman, a revived Thawne, and now Jay Garrick…

Williamson concludes “The Button” taking the story down a similar road that the rest of the issues followed. Continuing off surprise ending of the previous issue, chasing through time, ends up in a certain period, then surprise ending. Now there is nothing wrong with following the story structure from issue to issue but it eliminates a sense of surprise. Seeing Jay Garrick was a nice surprise as it makes him reenter the DC Universe after a long hibernation. Another benefit of the event is seeing how it has changed the characters as Batman is hesitant to respond to the Bat-Signal keeping in mind his father’s words.

Seeing the ending was not even a surprise as it shows off Doctor Manhattan, well part of him, establishing him into the greater DC Universe. Fans might be disappointed in not knowing more information about the origin of the DC Rebirth but this will be shown off at a later time most likely in Doomsday Clock. The epilog also shows that Superman will have a bigger part in the story the next time we see Doctor Manhattan.

The art has always been the better part of “The Button” as Fabok showcased why he is the best artist on DC’s roster. However, Porter is not a slouch either putting together another visually pleasing issue in Flash #22. He utilizes thin lining which gives some structure while Hi-Fi makes the pages pop with stunning coloring.

“The Button” is not what everyone wants as it only establishes something DC fans have known for a while now…Doctor Manhattan is in the DC Universe. We will get more information in November as the ACTUAL event will enlighten us on the origins of the DC Rebirth.


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