Captain America: Steve Rogers #17 Review

Title Captain America: Steve Rogers #17 (2016)

Story by Nick Spencer

Art by Ramon Bachs, Andres Guinaldo, Rachelle Rosenberg

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Release Date: 5/24/17

The most important series currently on the Marvel roster is Captain America: Steve Rogers which has spun out the Secret Empire event. Things have been escalating quickly and have been improving in each passing issue.

Taking place after the events of Secret Empire #2 Spencer takes an introspective process of a totalitarian country under HYDRA rule. He uses a journalist to guide the story acting as the narrator grilling Rogers about the recent take over with everything on the table except…Las Vegas. Through this, we observe Rogers deal with Magneto setting up New Titan and an in-depth look inside the Inhuman internment camp. I believe Spencer was trying to draw comparisons to the current United States as he emphasizes Peace and Order and having Rogers question the media.

While we do receive new information that will prove important down the road mainly deal brokered with Magneto. Everything else is just a reiteration from previous issues to fill time making this issue serve as filler. That is to be expected going forward for this series acting as supplemental material for the Secret Empire title.

While the art is well done both the lining and coloring standpoint the only new art was in three areas the interview, the Inhuman internment camp, and the Magneto meeting. Most of the art has been either retrofitted into this issue from previous issues of Secret Empire and Captain America: Steve Rogers adding exposition dialogue to fill the gaps. Other than reusing the panels the art is at the same standard expected from Bachs and Guinaldo using varying line width for an impactful effect. The coloring once again ties this series together using shading to make the art look natural.

Captain America: Steve Rogers #17 is little but additional material for the greater Secret Empire event. Spencer takes the readers on an analytical trip to the fictional totalitarian United States while making connections to the current political landscape. 

Rating: 7/10

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Captain America: Steve Rogers #17 is available at your local comic shop as well as online markets. 

  • #17 is a dark issue. Spencer gives readers a better look at what a Hydra takeover looks like, and it s grim. On the surface, somehow Rogers has supposedly won over the public and people are more than willing to hail Hydra. Is this accurate or a symptom of Steve s delirium?

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