Wonder Woman Review: Gods Help Us

Since Gal Gadot first graced the screen as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman fans and critics alike realized she could save the DCEU. In the recently released Wonder Woman she got her chance to live up to that pressure and she did not disappoint.

The film is set in a flashback in WW1 as Wonder Woman reminisces about her first troop in the world of man. Unlike all the other DC movies, except Man of Steel, as Director Patty Jenkins actually takes the time to develop the character rather than rushing them into action which put this movie apart from the pack. There is also very few connective tissue to the DCEU, at least in the majority of the movie, due to the setting. Diana grew up with the Amazons on the hidden isle of Themyscira but the world of man makes a crash landing connecting the two worlds.

Along with Steve Trevor, Chris Pine, Wonder Woman bids farewell promising to end Ares’s reign leading to an action oriented with romantic underlying. The next act of the movie relies around Diana being exposed to the world of Man exposing the ugliness of the world which makes Diana confused on the morality of men. Though Diana soon falls in love with the world and ice cream a scene we first saw in the animated film Justice League: War. Gathering a team of fellow soldiers the group heads towards the Front which leads to action scenes with the high Central Power command making for the secondary villains of the film.

In the last act, Diana learns about her past and what really happened to the other Gods leading to the showdown with Ares. There is a ton of conflict both from the physical side but as well as the emotional side that showcases the complexity of War.

Wonder Woman suffered from a reverse Fant4stic affect having pacing solid until the last act as the movie became increasingly rushed trying to finish the movie. Though the ending fight was action packed and showcased a wide variety of Diana’s powers it was CGI ridden though Ares dawns similar armor as the comics. However, away from that fight the rest of the group ended up pulling off great feats that helped finish the war.

Wonder Woman tried as much as they could to escape being a superhero movie and it showed with little DC ties. In fact, I think Wonder Woman was a better War Epic than a Superhero film mixing elements of both world wars. The sets were made to the letter resembling the time period of WW1, from posters to weaponry, which leads to the credit of the set designer Aline Bonetto. 

The cinematography was also something to take notice of as Matthew Jensen used many angles and shots that are showcased through the film. The scenes Jensen executed perfectly was the No Man’s Land battle scene which was needed to be captured perfectly due to the importance of the battle. Visually speaking the film was driven by the use of coloring that fed the mood of the movie. The color symbolized the morality of the scene having the bright scenery of the Themyscira contrasting the dark landscape of the war scenes. At the end of the film Wonder Woman symbolizes the bright future of humanity, and the DCEU, being surrounded by darkness but overlooking the bright landscape.

Wonder Woman is not a great Superhero movie but it is a pretty good War Epic featuring many action-packed scenes throughout. The visuals were definitely lead the film dictating the mood based on the colors of the scene mixed with varied shots. The plot overall was good propped up by allowing time for character development but the last act unraveled what the rest of the movie was building. Gal Gadot is a worthy successor to Lynda Carter which is an accomplishment given Carter symbolized the character for decades. DC has finally struck gold (blue and red) in a film that proves female superheroes are more than capable of headlining their own film.

Rating: 4/5

*This review was intended to be relatively spoiler free but there are some glaring plot holes that make no sense in the movie.

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  • Rin

    Just watched this last night. I think I agree with you in the sense that it’s more of a war themed movie 🙂 But still enjoyable. Def looking forward to the DC one in Nov.

    • Thanks for reading. It’s good to shake up the format from time to time.

  • Love what you said, Wonder Woman is an Icon and this movie help give the audience an awakening to who she is.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post.Getting the portrayal of Wonder Woman right was crucial to the DCEU. I’m glad they got it right.

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