Adventure in ComiCONN at Foxwoods

Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen, as always I am the Gentleman Snark and today we are bringing you our experience of ComiCONN which was located in Foxwoods Resort Casino. The co

nvention lasted from June 10th to June 11th. So without further ado, let’s talk about our adventure in ComiCONN “A Show for the Fans by the Fans!”

Day 1

So after a very long drive Flame Hawk and I manage to make it to the 12 o’clock Sons of Anarchy panel which featured Ron Perlman, Theo Rossi, and Ryan Hurst. It was nice to see the actors interacting with the fans and discussing their experiences on the show. From discussing their action scenes, and the fate of each of their characters. Where they happy with the fate of their characters? In Ron Perlman’s case: “Fuck no!” After the panel, we decided to take a look at the gaming station called Retro Gaming. It had a lot of gaming stations open to the public. They had games such as Mario Kart 64, Street Fighter IV, and Super Smash Bros. Wii U. They had held a tournament for the games on June 10th for the games. The Retro Game station was a nice rest station for convention goers in between panels. Which was in a good location next on the way to the panels.

                   Yours truly playing some games

The Next panel we went to was seeing The Angry Geeks Live at 2:30. It was nice to see some hardcore collecting fans that always travel from con to con to acquire some of the both the rarest and most obscure items ranging from comics to figurines. Flame Hawk went to The Angry Geeks Live mostly for the purpose of getting good seating to see the next panel was the panel Timothy Zhan: Thrawn, I Am Your Father. Basically, this was surrounded by how the author Timothy Zhan managed to create a series of Star Wars books such as Star Wars: Thrawn. He explained how he was granted the opportunity to write for Lucasfilms, all the way to how his character, Thrawn became the main antagonist in Star Wars Rebels. After that last panel we went walked around the Convention floor and in between we took pictures of some very good cosplayers. The cosplay ordeal g

ot better as the cosplay contest that began at 4:00. The cosplayers at the contest were amazing, you can tell that a lot of work and effort was put into the costumes at this years ComiCONN.

                Batman and Beyond Cosplay at the competition

After party

Ok so while the start of the con was fun and interesting. The After party….left a lot to be desired. Getting into the after party itself cost $10.00 which would be fine. Until you get into the party itself, which consisted of candle lit tables and a few chairs. Now comes the potential issue, no free food. Now I understand that conventions need to make their money back hence why they charged ten dollars for tickets.

I even understand the fact of a cash bar, but what I’m not understanding is the need to pay for food. This is a bit concerning to me because regular people would have to pay ten dollars to get in and then forced to pay more money for food. I thought that was a little ridiculous. The second issue, there was a cheese and crackers station, but it was only accessible to VIP and All Access members. Not even the press (hi) was allowed to at the station. That was also ridiculous, it was bad enough for most people having to pay $10.00 to get in, which is fine. However, having to pay an extra couple bucks just to survive and having a restricted cheese and cracker station for important people only. I believe their cheapest food was about $5. Those three strikes really killed the after party for me. The ambiance and setting for the party itself was fine, I personally wish they handled the catering a LOT better. Also, a note was that many of the guests were not at the afterparty deciding to attend the numerous restaurants at Foxwoods Resort Casino. Otherwise, I would probably go again.

Day 2

So day 2 rolls around and already there are some important panels to get to. At 11:00 we go to the Cobra Kai Reunion panel, which was basically a reunion of the villain actors that played in the classic Karate Kid movie. The actors were William Zabka and Martin Kove as they discuss how they got into the roles and their experience with the movie. Hearing both the acting requirements and the training aspects of the movie was very interesting to hear. As a lot of work was put into the martial arts aspect of the movie. The final fight of the movie turned out to filmed after an actual martial arts tournament. Which was a fun fact among others that we learned during the pattern. Immediately after, we stay for the 12:00 Dark Lords of the Sith Gather Panel. This panel featured Spencer Wilding, who played Darth Vader from Rogue one, and Ray Park, who played Darth Maul. This was a very funny panel because at first Ray was running late and it most consisted of Spencer, which was nice and chill hearing about his experience with his role. However, when Ray Park finally showed up, the panel grew to be a lot more lively. Ray Park brought a lot more energy and comedy to the panel as he explained his reason for his tardiness, which was due to a crazy night leaving him hungover. Going back to the after party Park and Wilding went were one of many that explored the Foxwoods Resort Casino visiting the Red Dragon tieing a few on while getting down doing “the caterpillar”…English version of the worm. It was a very fun panel, you can feel the admiration and respect the two actors had for each other…and the night before apparently. Lastly, after a bit of walking around and interview a few people such as Elizabeth Ludlow, Aaron Schwartz, Timothy Zahn, and Simon Williamson, we went to our last must go to the panel with Jason David Frank. This was the main reason I wanted to go to this convention to get a chance to see Jason David Frank, who played the green, white, 2 reds, and black ranger. This man is a legend, if you are a big fan of power rangers it is absolutely impossible for you not to have heard of Jason David Frank, also known as Tommy Oliver. This was my favorite panel I managed to ask a question to one of my childhood heroes. Unfortunately, I was unable to formally meet him after the panel, but hopefully, there will be other opportunities. However, just being able to see the genuine article in the same room LIVE, was truly awesome. Jason is just a very awesome guy, he doesn’t give any impression of being a jerk at all. He makes it clear that he is dedicated to his fans. It was really nice to see this dedication of coming out to see his fans in ComiCONN, especially after what almost happened to him in Phoenix Con. Overall awesome guy, only panel I ever been to were the panelist is giving a motivational advice to his fans.

Jason David Frank taking pictures with a Red Ranger Cosplayer

Booths and floor room
Ok so while we were not taking notes during panels, getting pictures of cosplayers, interviewing a few actors, and goofing off at casinos. We were walking around looking at the many booths available. Man, was there a lot of stuff to go through. There were several comicbook stations, few were for very old retro comics, and one seemed to have a lot of non DC and Marvel comics. In terms of variety in comics, this place had it. I’m not much of a comicbook guy myself, but the fact Flame Hawk was constantly searching and looking around the comic places showed that he definitely had fun. Now for the many art stations, oh boy. The amount of art booths in this place, hands down surpassed the comicbook stations, no question. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many artists were at this ComiCONN. There were defiantly a lot of things to keep you busy and entertained at convention.


This is the first con I ever went to and I have to say I finally understand the big appeal of these kinds of events. The amount of cosplay characters I have seen on this trip was amazing and I was able to nearly guess almost all the characters I came across. I thought it was a fun and interesting experience. The only real hiccup I found odd was how the after party was handled. Aside from that, there was plenty of awesome stuff to see, like a life-size model of the Mach 6. The only issue I had, which is no fault of the convention, is that….I DIDN’T GET TO MEET JASON DAVID FRANK due to scheduling conflict!!!! However, as far as my first convention experience goes? I would defiantly do this again, and would really implore anyone that is thinking about going to a con, go for it. You’ll meet a lot of new people interested in similar stuff that you are in. It’s a great and fun experience I recommend to anyone.


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