Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 12 Review

Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 episode 12 kicks off with the final epic showdown for the festival between the confused angsty icy-hot protege vs the explosive perfectionist with attitude. Once this was the main showdown I was looking forward to in the Yuuei sports festival. Now let’s dive in to see the decisive outcome of this battle. As always I am The Gentleman Snark, not let’s get this review started and hold nothing back!!

Warning: Spoilers are about, so read with caution

Episode Summary:

We kick off this episode with some brief dialogue between Todoroki and Bakugo. Todoroki is still hesitant to embrace his left side and unleash his full power in the competition and in general. He is constantly going over his past while remembering Izuku’s words and becomes conflicted. Meanwhile, Bakugo could care less about Todoroki’s personal issues. All Bakugo wants is a match worthy enough to prove that he is the undisputed champ nothing more. So Bakugo gives Todoroki threatening words of encouragement to convince him to fight at full power. Todoroki can only respond to this provocation in silence. Next the final showdown between these two pint sized titans is raring to go. Todoroki tries to finish the match as soon as it starts with a massive ice blockade, but Bakugo refuses to go down so easily and blasts right through the Ice. Bakugo manages to throw Todoroki but begins to surf on the ice to prevent from falling out of bounds. Todoroki soon grabs Bakugo with his left hand, but instead of using his fire, throws Bakugo away. This begins to infuriate Bakugo as he asked Todoroki to fight him with everything he got. Bakugo begins to yell at Todoroki for wasting everyone’s time at such a lackluster performance. Bakugo wants to win with a complete and total annihilation, but Todoroki’s half assed performance makes it difficult. However, in the midst of Todoroki lamenting at his indecisiveness, Izuku yells cheering for Todoroki. This burst managed to make Todoroki for a brief moment activate his fire side. Seeing this Bakugo gets excited and decides it’s time for an epic clash. Unfortunately, at the last second reality kicked in and Todoroki was unable to move and took the full force of Howitzer Impact with no resistance. Pissed off, Bakugo tries to get Todoroki to stand up and continue in vain. Thus the Festival comes to an end with Bakugo in first, Todoroki 2nd and Tokoyami 3rd. Obviously, Bakugo is absolutely displeased with these results.

Animation and Sound:

Really now, is this even a discussion? Studio Bones have been on point with animation since the beginning of the season. However, the choice of music for this fight was a beautiful choice. From the beginning of the fight and at the ending clash with that epic Howitzer Impact. They really helped to show and gave that feeling that this was an epic showdown(or at least it was supposed to be). I believe the OST is called New Fight. I searched endlessly for that OST but the most I have found is a few covers of it online. I can’t wait for the full ost of season 2 to come out because they have been producing some epic music to get into and hype up moments in the show. Importantly, can we talk about how Howitzer Impact looks a million times more epic than it did in the manga? The way Bakugo was winding up with his explosions as a human missile mixed with the epic soundtrack is one of the few example that the anime blows the manga away(pun intended). I really enjoyed this fight….or at least I would have but….


OUR BOY WAS ROBBED!!! THIS FIGHT WAS A ROBBERY!!! Don’t misunderstand, I have read the manga so I was already aware of the outcome. However, if I had to give this episode a flaw, was that the fight felt incredibly short. People(myself included) were going crazy with the showdown at episode 10. I was expecting this fight between Bakugo and Todoroki would blow it out of the water(at least at the start of the fight). Because the elements were there to surpass episode 10, from the epic soundtrack to the animation. In my opinion, this fight could’ve surpassed episode 10. I was really hoping that Studio Bones would try to extend the fight a little bit more to see some action between the characters, but no such luck. While I didn’t really like the outcome so much, I have to admit that this outcome made the most sense as Todoroki is coming from a lifetime of childhood trauma. One kid with green hair and another with an explosive personality is going to be enough to break him out of that. Now some may argue how Todoroki fought Izuku like that with no problem. You’d be half correct, if you pay attention to the fight with Izuku, Todoroki more or less activated his fire side on impulse without even thinking in both times he went up against Izuku. However, with Bakugo, Todoroki was more conscious of activating his fire side which lead to all his traumatic memories to flood in. Making Todoroki come to a complete halt. So while, I’m not a fan of Bakugo winning in such a way either, it made sense, so I’m more or less ok with it. Though I still say Bakugo was robbed of an ultimate victory. Let’s not forget the other important things in the episode, such as Iida visiting his brother in the hospital. Boy, did Stain do a number on that guy, this will give some good foreshadowing with Iida’s character in the future, but I digress. I did like the massive character development that Todoroki received at the end of the episode. It shows that he does indeed want to move on from his past issues and trauma and decides to reconnect with his mother. I believe this face reveal is even a first time since it wasn’t shown in the manga as of yet. I really did enjoy this fight even though I felt the fight was a robbery to both the characters. Nonetheless we got to see some good character development and foreshadowing. Now I have one more epic showdown to look forward to in this season. Hopefully, it will go beyond PLUS ULTRA!!!! SEE YA!!

Rating: 8.5/10

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