There’s something important to talk about that may have flown under the radar. Grand Theft Auto Five (GTA V) has taken a dark turn for the player, specifically the people that modify the game on their computers.

Modding and GTA

The “main mod” tool called OpenIV (Open Four) allows players to customize their game in all sorts of ways. From transforming their character into the Hulk, to changing their car to a Rick Sanchez’s spaceship from Rick and Morty. The parent company of Rockstar and 2K Games, Take-Two, gave OpenIV a cease and desist order, which shuts down any and all modding for the largest Grand Theft Auto game.

Why is this an issue?

GTA V has an expansive multiplayer which is riddled with (shudders) micro-transactions. It is also lacking in a lot of the things that the single player mode has; for example, the Hydra jet. There are two ways to get the jet in the multiplayer version; 1) mod it in. 2) purchase via micro-transaction. The latter of which profits Take-Two, the former does not. Take-Two made modding in GTA V illegal and players can be severely punished for doing so. They have attacked the single player to try and push people to play online so they can increase their revenue via micro-transactions and this is unacceptable.

What’s being done?

Gamers are clearly not standing for this. At the time of my writing this, the Steam reviews for GTA V has fallen to an impressively bad “Overwhelmingly Negative” for the last 30 days (approx. 25.5 THOUSAND reviews). Only 19% of the user reviews are positive. The overall review has dipped to “Mostly Positive” with 72% of the reviews positive. Will the backlash of bad press change the decision of Take-Two? Only time will tell.

-Nick “Metal Mario” Del Mastro

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