Spider-Man: Homecoming Review: Tom Holland Is The Worst Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Homecoming had elements that were really good and some not so much. I would solidly rank the movie behind the previous franchises of everybody’s favorite web crawler as it didn’t have what both those films specialize in.

As mentioned previously the plot is shaky at times but benefited greatly by showing another side of the MCU that viewers have not seen on film yet. Every MCU hero is at least 20+ so seeing a teenager interacting was a breath of fresh air. Starting past the whole Uncle Ben thing saves many fans from shrugging as no one wants to see it three times. Spider-Man: Homecoming ties into the MCU immediately as Adrian Toomes, Vulture, is salvaging New York after the Chitauri Invasion but is soon found on the wrong side of the Stark Sokovia Accords. Then we see the anxiousness of Spider-Man who is literally climbing the walls waiting to be called up to the big leagues.

Seeing Spider-Man balance life between the “Stark Internship” and a normal teenager life makes this a perfect setup for the classic coming of age movies and goes too far too parallel them. We soon see that Spider-Man has outmatched thanks to Vulture’s crew selling alien infused weapons on the black market. This leads to Spider-Man going to into sleuth mode while fighting not only bad guys but for control his suit as well. With some close personal connections, Peter is over his head and needs the assistance of Iron Man multiple times throughout the film. However, despite his numerous missteps, he is able to become a better hero as he rebounds and becomes a pseudo-Avenger.

As for character basis Tom Holland actually pulled off what does Spider-Man mean to a millennial and it isn’t pretty. Vlogging through his adventures, pestering his superior and navigating his personal life in typical Peter Parker fashion. However, we don’t receive a good mix of Peter Parker as Spider-Man dominates the show for the majority of the film. With this, it makes Holland the weakest actor to perform the role of Spider-Man though that is saying a lot to the credit of Garfield and Mcguire.  Is it bad to root for the villain in a superhero movie, I’m seriously asking? This incarnation of Vulture was the best villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I’m including Loki. Spider-Man: Homecoming spent a lot of time showcasing, a side we haven’t seen before, the people who were left behind in the events of the implosion of superheroes. Adrian Toomes is a victim of circumstances who we see rise to power in a fashion similar to Iron Man and even, co-producer, Eric Carroll mentions him as thedark Tony Stark.” One last mention of the whole character part…what happened to Flash Thompson? I’m not referring to him changing race as that isn’t a huge deal in the MCU. In no way would Flash join the school’s academic decathlon..why did we not see him in the more fashion jock role? The only part which was nice to see was his bromance with Spidey still present.

Cinematography I appreciate the fact that Spider-Man: Homecoming pays homage to John Hughes and his many coming to age movies. I was not surprised when the Ferris Bueller scene came up though seeing they put the movie on the background seemed forced. The use of different shot types, ex. Dutch & Panoramic, lead well to giving the movie a fresh feel while the plot may have been stale for too long. Another note to take from an artistic standpoint is the use of the lighting varying from artificial to natural giving the coloring a dynamic impact.

Spider-Man: Homecoming was ambitious but this ambition is what ended up causing the film to falter. Instead of going with a simple storyline it opts for one of the most jam-packed offerings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Paying homage to not only the previous franchises that came before Homecoming also pulls off the vintage John Hughes 1980’s movies benefits the film greatly. Characterwise Holland is the weakest Spider-Man as he is neither a great Spider-Man or Peter Parker. Michael Keaton performed the role of Vulture perfectly coming off as the working man’s villain caught on the wrong side of Iron Man’s dealing with the US government.

Rating: 3.5/5

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  • Lee Sharp

    Homecoming was crap… wasn’t even Spider-Man, it was friggin’ Iron-Boy… it was up there with Iron Man 3 for me, actual a lot worst sadly…. wanted to love Spidey in the MCU but not this way!

  • Jamaica n

    Maan fk this actor.. y’all shouldn’t fire andrew Garfield .. that guy was the flameee …tf yall going with this nerdy.talk to much MF in the next spider Man film yall better find some like andrew Garfield… y’all just ruined spidy films for me

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