New Comic Book Day 7/12/17 Reviews

We are trying a new format for comic reviews to allow us to review more comics in the week on New Comic Book Day 7/12/17. We will have a minimum of 5 reviews a week for comics from different publishers to allow the chance to break down the saturation of the market for.

Black Mask Studios

Title: Calexit #1

Written By: Matt Pizzolo Art By: Amancay Nahuelpan, Tyler Boss

Calexit wasn’t a comic I planned on reviewing for New Comic Book Day 7/12/17 but upon browsing the racks at my local comic shop I thought I’d give this a try. A premise that I’m not a bit surprised to turn into a comic series with the premise holding down great titles like East of West.

The story takes place after the reelection of the president of the United States which heavily resembles the current head of state. However, the story is still enjoyable for readers on whichever side of the political spectrum they find themselves in which is a nice change of pace. Nahuelpan’s art is not great but solid as he uses thin lining which delivers some detail but it forces Boss’ coloring to do the heavy lifting.

A political heavy series that uses modern day elements to create an interesting read but doesn’t exclude reader based on orientation.

Rating: 8.0/10

DC Comics

Title: Dark Days: The Casting #1

Story By: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV Art By: Andy Kubert, Jim Lee, John Romita Jr.

The Casting acts as a prelude to the anticipated arrival of DC Metal which is being hyped by the star power behind the book’s creation.  As you see the number of heavy-hitting comic professionals on Dark Days: Casting.

After Forge, this issue picks up in the catacombs of the Batcave where Hal and Duke find themselves in the presence of the trapped Joker. Flipping through the pages you can find that the mystery only deepens with few questions being answers. Despite this, we are able to get a sense on where Metal might head as Hawkman explains many expositional details needed for the upcoming blockbuster.

The art despite the numerous hands on the project flows well as it is split by character and location split setting up the difference of the location and gravity of the contents within.

Rating: 9.0/10

Title: Wonder Woman #26

Story By: Shea Fontana Art By: Mirka Andolfo, Romvlo Fajardo Jr

Wonder Woman #26 sets off the Wonder Woman series with a brand new start after the conclusion of the previous arc, Godwatch.  Fontana takes a very personal look at the cost of war from Wonder Woman’s point of view having gone on multiple missions to war zones, refugee camps, and more.  We see more of Diana instead of Wonder Woman going into action which explores the humanity in her rather than just being an Amazon. There is little action making the pacing a bit slow but the story slows smoothly regardless.

The art for Heart of the Amazon is great as Andolfo and Fajardo styles mesh well creating many vivid panels. The use of thick lining really emboldens the artwork as Fajardo paints in the lining with a matte that contains a glossy finish.

This new take of the series starts off slow but #26 reads well and enlightens the personal side of Diana.

Rating: 8.3/10

Marvel Comics

Title: Deadpool #33

Story By: Gerry Duggan Art By: Matteo Lolli, Mike Hawthorne, Ruth Redmond

Secret Empire can be called many things but one thing it is not is boring. Deadpool has found his spot in this latest comic event as the right hand of “Captain America” sniffing out any resistance against his reign. Though does the merc with a mouth have a change of heart after seeing the events of the invasion play out?

We see in a flashback that Captain America had sent Agent Coulson away and we finally see the results. Despite the series taking on more serious undertones we actually receive heartfelt moments coming from Wade’s parenting style. The parallel between Eleanor and Wade is uncanny as they both are having a hard fit with their newest HYDRA overlords.

The one bright spot of Secret Empire has been Deadpool’s involvement and this continues the trend. Duggan has given a special insight into the psyche of our masked merc making this issue interesting.

Rating: 8.3/10

Valiant Comics 

Harbinger: Renegade #5

Story By: Rafer Roberts Art By: Darick Robertson, Diego Rodriguez

For those who were a fan of Valiant’s X-O Manowar I would suggest giving Harbinger a try as it is in the same tier of enjoyability. With these two titles, Valiant has been able to make a valiant comeback. (Ha, see what I did there?)

This story is best advised for older readers as the material is graphic but for us bigger kids it contains a great deal of fun. An all out war includes headshots, large ariel bombardment, and plenty of bloodshed. This is all gearing up for the Harbinger Wars 2 Valiant event next year which will take full advantage of the character advancement in this series.  Don’t look for the dead to resurface in the Valiant universe either as it has seldom been done creating a sense of realness of the brand.

With the artwork perfectly detailing the story Harbinger: Renegade #5 turns out into an all-out war zone!

Rating: 9.0/10

You can find these comics mentioned above and more released on New Comic Book Day 7/12/17 at your local comic shop or online if you are a fan of the digital form of the mediums.


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