Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 15 Review All out Chaos

Time to continue our training with Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 episode 15. So much set up in this episode and things are going to get crazy. However, before we get to that. Ladies and Gentlemen, as always, I am The Gentleman Snark. So without further ado, let us begin the review.

Warning: People who are not prepared for spoilers will be disposed of

Episode Summary:

The episode picks up from where we left off last time with Izuku going full cowl with One for all. Now the three minute rematch with Gran Torino ensues and Izuku struggles to maintain One for all during Torino’s onslaught of attacks. Through the battle Izuku manages to graze Gran Torino but still wasn’t enough for him to win and get a solid hit. After which we get to see how the rest of Class A dealing with their internships. From Uraraka dealing with her sensei’s cute voice to Bakugo getting a makeover by Jeanist. Next we get info on how Nomu was an amalgamation of quirks into one body that now became a mindless husk. Giving the idea that someone is stealing and giving quirks to these vessels. Which causes All Might to get enraged as he seems to know the true villain behind these attacks. Meanwhile, Stain and Shigaraki’s negotiations took a turn for the worse as ended up at odds, but then agreed to work together after a brief skirmish. Next is Iida still trying to investigate the Hero Killer while diving more into the darkside wanting revenge for his brother. Despite being warned otherwise, Iida allows his emotions to get the better of him and still is determined to hunt him down. Meanwhile, Izuku is still getting wrecked by Gran Torino. Although Gran Torino decides it was high time to challenge actual villains, so they decide to make their way through the Tokyo area to do just that. Meanwhile, while Shigaraki and Stain have an agreement, Shigaraki is still salty about the wound Stain inflicted on him. So while Stain goes to work, Shigaraki unleashes a horde of Nomus onto the city of Hosu. While mass pandemonium is being spread, Izuku and Torino’s ride is cut short as a wild Nomu appeared. Gran Torino, leaps into action getting rid of the Nomu leaving Izuku to stare at the city as it falls into chaos. Meanwhile, Iida manages to corner Stain…but was it really for the best?


The opening 3 minute skirmish between Izuku and Gran Torino was a very nice way to show dramatic growth in Izuku’s character. This showcases how Izuku is adept at thinking and able to switch up on his opponents. So the continuous action plus growth from Izuku is always nice to see. I like the Juxtaposing of both Iida and Stain as we see them both with that killer glare. Both showcases how they are both determined to see their goals come to fruition.

He who fights monsters…

However, Iida’s is only driven by his emotions. This becomes very evident because throughout the two episodes while Iida searches for Stain. We never exactly get a plan of how Iida plans to takedown Stain just to find him. Thus showing Iida’s immaturity, Iida was trying to go against a skilled Villain that managed to take out a significant amount of Heroes. Realistically speaking Iida has absolutely no chance against Stain, as he is still just an angsty teenager with no real experience. This becomes further obvious as when Iida tries to attack Stain only to be knocked down by an immediate counterattack. It it wasn’t for the helmet, Iida was as good as gone.

Should be careful not become a monster

Stain on the other hand, clearly had years to cultivate his killer instincts and is more in control of his actions. Stain isn’t ruled by childish actions or emotions as it becomes evident when he talks to Shigaraki. Honestly, I’m not sure why Stain choose to align with Shigaraki, even if it was a means to an end. I say this because there is actually nothing Shigaraki could offer Stain at this point in the story. Shigaraki should be the very thing Stain wants to avoid, mindless chaos for chaos’s sake.

Speaking of monsters….

This becomes bad for Stain because allying with such a wild card will cause others to misunderstand your own personal message you are trying to convey. Stain’s character amasses an interesting set of ideals that could crack the series wide open in an interesting light. So I am very curious as to how next episode will play out and I have a feeling that the third fight I was looking forward to being animated will start next week. Can’t wait and with that folks I leave you. SEE YA!!

Rating: 8.5/10

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