Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 Episode 18 Review Battle is over now War begins

Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 episode 18 brings us the aftermath of our epic battles in Hosu city. A lot of things came out of this episode, including the gathering of evil forces. Ladies and Gentlemen, as always, I am The Gentleman Snark. Now let’s see how our young heroes are recuperating.

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Warning: Spoiler will be discussed

Episode Summary:

The episode opens up with a news Helicopter reporting the all out chaos in Hosu City. During the news coverage we see a glimpse of Shigaraki staring at his handy work. All Nomu’s were either captured or disposed of. With his plan in shambles, Shigaraki turns back hoping for the next day to bear results. Next day, Izuku, Todoroki and Iida are in the hospital trying to recover from their battle with Stain. Soon they are met with the police chief meeting them. The Chief starts by scolding them, that though their actions were commendable, they still broke the law by not being official heroes. Therefore under normal circumstances they would be punished, but they make a compromise and hid the incident with Stain, giving Endeavor the credit for taking down Stain. Thus the heroes in training avoid a steep punishment. Meanwhile, the news spreads with more and more information about Stain and his ideologies. This anger Shigaraki as he became a sideshow compared to Stain. However, little does he realize this entire incident is being used in his favor as more and more people are willing to join the league of villains. Thus, the movement has begun.


This episode was just as it was titled, the aftermath. Nothing action packed happens, but a lot of developments takes place. For starters, we have a bit of an understanding as to how much the world of Boku no Hero is strict on the use of Quirks outside the law. As even though what Izuku and co. did was heroic. It still broke the law, which warrants a punishment regardless of the circumstances. They lucked out do to using Endeavor take all the glory for them to escape punishment so that was nice. Having the chief thank them for helping to insure peace was a really solemn moment that helped to solidify that the actions they took even though illegal, was the best choice they made. Guess you can say, they helped to “take a bite out of crime”.

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On to the matter of Stain, I have discussed this before in episode 15 Shigaraki was the very thing Stain wanted to avoid. Simply because Stain became a poster boy for the League of Villains. Which is something Stain never advocated for, he wanted a more just world with uncorrupt heroes. Instead he is just going to help build more power for the opposing side. This is the furthest from the just world that Stain has envisioned. Stain went from trying to deter crime to incurring crime instead. Shigaraki got IMMENSELY lucky that things are playing out in his favor despite not knowing about it. If I had to guess, I suspect All for One had something to do with the video describing Stain’s past being spread out all over.


Thus we are treated to a montage of questionable characters ready to continue the fight that Stain left behind. Thus we get a lesson in charisma and how dangerous it can be if used incorrectly. Lastly, we get more development with Iida as he learns that he may have permanent nerve damage in his arm. Iida takes this time to properly reflect on his action, deciding that he will only repair his arm once he becomes a true hero. Similar to Izuku and his scar on his arm. Overall, this episode was straight forward with a lot of setup for future events. Next week’s episode is going to an anime only episode showing how everybody is dealing with their internships.

Raiting: 8.5/10

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