Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 Review No @#$! Given

Geez, and I thought the Pride Troopers from last week were a joke… Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 features the Sailor Moon rejects from universe two. This episode also brought to you by the power of love..and the importance of transformations. Ladies and Gentlemen, as always, I am The Gentleman Snark. So let’s try to dive into this review with a straight face…hopefully.

Warning: Spoilers will be discuss

Episode Summary:

Basically, we pick up from last episode and we had the Magical Girls from universe 2 tries to gather everyone’s attention and try to transform. Goku and a few others wait in anticipation, but Android 17 goes a breaks the #1 rule in Dragon Ball by launching an attack. You have to wait for your opponent to power up into their strongest form before you can attack. After being scolded by Goku, Magical Girls, and even the Pride troopers, 17 relents and allows them to continue with their performance. Their transformation was….underwhelming, but Ribrianne manage to launch an attack to shake up the whole stadium along with some perfume to make some of the fighters become infatuated. Thankfully, no one from Universe 7 is affected not even Roshi. Eventually, the girl split up to take on separate members of universe 7. Ribrianne took on Vegeta, but even the prince of all saiyans was unable to take the fight seriously due to their ridiculous transformation. Goku was taking on Su Roas while casually blocking her attacks. The she manages to get one hit on Goku, which I took more of a joke more than anything. Meanwhile, 17 is just playing a nice game of keep away with Sanka. Sanka was getting really into the fight, but 17 was just playing around which ceased when he put up his barrier. 17 would’ve knocked her off if it wasn’t for their flying teammate Vikal. 17 finally decides to take the fight seriously getting rid of Vikal immediately. Sanka tries to get revenge in vain as 17 manages to make quick work of Sanka as well. Brianne isn’t please and confronts 17 over the defeat of her comrades. Next week we see Gohan in action.


Was I the only one disappointed?

This episode was fairly straight forward, nothing much to really discuss here. For starters the Magical Girls were an actual joke as their entire existence in this episode was to poke fun at the popular Magical Girl franchise. With it’s ridiculously long transformation and the absurd emphasis on love and such. Speaking of transformations, the hell did I just watch? See I used to think when Mahou Shoujo’s transformed they were supposed to look more.. Well attractive, but like Whis said “to each is his own”. Even though one looked like a female Majin Buu…. Just saying

Pretty sure many of us shared Vegeta’s disgust

Part of me was hoping we would see either Jiren or Hit put a stop to their reign of terror, but I was totally satisfied with 17 filling that role. Android 17 was MVP in this episode. He was that guy that just didn’t care. See characters transforming? Shoots a ki blast at them. What really made me love 17 during this whole episode was that he had a bored expression on his face in the entire time.

404 not a single @#$! found

The man gave ZERO @#$! and proceeding to take out the two stragglers without an issue. Honestly, I didn’t take this episode seriously whatsoever, but in a good way. I thought this episode was just a comical episode overall. We got some decent fights along with funny character interactions. I also found it hilarious that the Pride Troopers, Magical Girls, and Goku all tried to scold 17 on the importance of transformation. Three characters that take up the most screen time with transforming and using poses. Till this day I still think Super Saiyan 3 was probably the longest transformation in the series(not counting GT). I can’t wait to see next week’s episode seeing Gohan take out some members from universe 10.

Rating: 8/10

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