Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 3 Pickle Rick Review

After being teased since last year’s San Diego Comic Con Pickle Rick is finally here! This episode focuses more on action rather than character development even though Beth takes the family to a therapist where we learn about Mr. Goldenfold inconspicuous consumption. That being said the shrink has some noticeable hints that get into Rick’s head…Do pickles have heads?

Like most of us, Rick found a way to get out of therapy which brings us the epicness of Pickle Rick. The unfortunate side is that the Rube Goldberg machine consisting of the anti-pickle serum was removed by Beth due to her trying to use Rick’s words against him. After being beaten up by a random cat Rick finds himself in the sewer where he technically finds that he is indeed a pickle per Connecticut’s Blue Laws requiring a pickle to bounce. After bouncing getting a pickle equivalent of a concussion he takes over a cockroach by manipulating the brain where he builds another machine with the lack of opposable thumbs…or fingers. As he takes over a rat he becomes Solen “ya” a Russian folk creature punishing children for wastefulness. He emerges from a toilet in a Russian compound where he goes all John McClane on everyone fighting guerrilla warfare taking out guards in a violent fashion with laser cannons.

Upon returning to the family’s session he gets grilled into the therapist who strikes into the core of Rick’s character and how his IQ makes him bored of reality making it more of a burden.  The therapist also dives into how the Sanchez/Smith family hide their emotions by smartness. Rick goes on to rip into the “science’ of therapy calling it good for mundane livestock being the agent of averageness.

The reason we don’t see much character growth is that Beth is holding the family back as we continue to see her unhealthy admiration towards her father spiral out of control.  Beth nails how the toxicity of the family stems from Rick which has ruined all parts of her life from her marriage to Morty and Summer. Beth shuns off Morty’s asking his mother if they can go again which would give him some much-needed help as Rick asks Beth if she wants to get a drink. This shows off that as things change they will always stay the same and that is due to Beth.

I was a little disappointed to see the death piano scene from the trailer and opening being only a throwaway gag. There could have been a much more to explore to this world as a whole musical world would have been great culminating with the villain playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata on a death piano. Also, we see Summer has her old appearance back with her face tattoo being removed which seems painful.

Pickle Rick was an action packed adventure featuring off Rick’s pickle/rat abilities in various facets from beating up Russians to strolling casually in public. Season 3 continues to make improvements to character development though it is limited during the episode as we just get a basic recap of where everyone is at in their lives.  You should watch this episode because it’s PICKLE RICK BITCHES.

Rating: 9.0/10

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