New Comic Book Day Reviews 8/9/17

We are trying a new format for comic reviews to allow us to review more comics in the week on New Comic Book Day 8/9/17.

DC Comics

New Comic Book Day 8/9/17Title: Mister Miracle #1

Story By: Tom King Art By: Mitch Gerads

Seeing Mr. Miracle being introduced back into DCU is a great sight as he has often been slighted recently for bigger name heroes. What makes this issue great is the artistic talent in the creative staff King is one of the few writers that’s capable of making a great series out of any character.

The pacing is excellent as information is withheld making this a standard intro to a  12-issue mini-series. However, we get to see the inner psyche of Scott aka Mister Miracle in a seamless exposition of the story. Teasing the greater threat of “Darkseid is” a plus as it offers some mystery while setting up the plot.

Bonus: Gerads stylings going back to Mr. Miracle’s roots in the Bronze Age of comics.

Mister Miracle can escape death but will he be able to escape Darkseid?

Rating: 9.0/10

New Comic Book Day 8/9/17Title: Red Hood and the Outlaws #13

Story By: Scott Lobdell Art By: Dexter Soy, Veronica Gandini

Getting inside the mind of Bizarro sounds like a place most people do not want to visit. That being said Lobdell brings us a journey through the thoughts and origin of the gray behemoth which turns out to be a fantastic read.

After saving the team against the man born a Monday buried on Sunday Bizarro is near death leading the Outlaws to get help from Lex Luthor. Inside there are many moments that are enjoyable from a dialogue aspect from Bizzaro Justice League, where Green Lantern is called Night Light, to who owns the rights to him from a legal aspect.

Soy uses thin line work to allows a decent amount of detail into each panel while letting Gandini clean up the page with coloring fitting with the mood of each scene.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #13 is a great time to jump into this series as it explains the dynamic of the series perfectly.

Rating: 8.5/10

Image Comics

New Comic Book Day 8/9/17Title: Redlands #1

Story by Jordie Bellaire Art by Vanesa R. Del Ray Jordie Bellaire

If you are a fan of the horror genre of comics Redlands will be a fantastic read for all y’all.

In a small Florida town during the 1970’s we see the officers holding back prisoners in the cage though the cell is packed with people.  Then the barricaded building is infiltrated by a witch/demon which takes out a few officers. Bellaire did little to explain what was going on by that was by choice though a little information would have been appreciated.

As should be expected from a series by Jordie Bellaire the art is on point. The imagery is one of the first things to grab your attention capturing a muggy summer Florida night. Being void of a vast color pallet emits the sense of uneasiness startling the reader…and I haven’t even talked about the demons yet!

Redlands is what the horror genre of comics should be. Bellaire includes graphic art full of gore and grit befitting of the monster invasion. However, there is so little information about what is going on it forces readers to speculate.

Rating: 7.5/10

Marvel Comics

New Comic Book Day 8/9/17Title: Captain America #25 (2015-2017)

Story By: Nick Spencer Art By:Jesus Saiz, Joe Bennett, Joe Pimentel, Rachelle Rosenberg

In this “new” series we see the direction of where Sam Wilson will be going in recent events. Picking back the shield and restoring any hope the Underground has left he inspires the prison break of hundreds of Inhumans. It is also recommended you read this issue before continuing with the main Secret Empire series.

This issue includes a lot of things which are important to the greater Secret Empire story. *Rant* How does the group automatically find that there is an Inhuman capable of, literally, regurgitating another fragment of the cosmic cube? Does it still work the same as the others or is the power diminished since it is a copy?? *Rant*

There is also another revelation that this series includes which has a much more direct personal impact of Steve Rogers.

There is so much Ex Machina detail that it is hard to take this book seriously while there are so many important events occurring. The writing holds back the tremendous work done by the art team. Seriously…Barf???

Rating: 3.0/10

New Comic Book Day 8/9/17

Title: Secret Empire #8

Story By: Nick Spencer Art By: Daniel Acuna, Rod Reis

I would suggest reading Captain America #25 before reading Secret Empire #8 or simply just read Marvel wiki considering how much of a joke it is. Secret Empire is rolling to a stop soon with only a few more issues remaining in this Marvel event.

All who oppose Captain America are being crushed in their respective theater Sam Wilson, Captain America, shows up acting as a beacon of hope. Though that is all he does as everyone else is what made the events happen in this issue.  It was nice to see the rotation of events being split between each area of the battle.  Any time Rocket talks about really friggin big bombs is great.

The end is soon coming to a close and each side is stepping up their actions before the all out war. “Mr. Rogers break down this shield.”

Rating: 8.5/10

You can find these comics mentioned above and more released on New Comic Book Day 8/9/17 at your local comic shop or online if you are a fan of the digital form of the medium (just click on the covers).

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