100ft Robot Golf Game Review

What Happens when you combine Golf and 100ft Robots Destruction and Good Time.

Hello, Everybody, this is SoulSaber with a 100FT Robot Golf Game Review hope you all enjoy. LETS Begin.

100ft Robot Golf is a Mecha Golf Game. October 10, 2016, Developed By No Goblin and Published by No Goblin. 100ft Robot Golf is available for the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

100ft Robot Golf was an interesting game when I started playing it, some of the things I enjoyed were The Character Roster, Gameplay, Environments.

Character Roster

The Character Roster of 100ft Robot Golf has a variety of interesting characters. Starting with


Mason is the Headless Man yes Headless Man who operates the Headless Robot and tries to get A-head of the game and don’t ask me how he operates because I myself would love to know and understand how he operates it’s.


Vahni Looks like an evil queen you would see in an anime show and operates an Egyptian like Robot.



Max is the guy that looks a big time manager and operates the Guardian like Robot.


Suzume is the girl that looks like a protagonist and is operating an Evangelion like a robot.


Camilla is the girl who dressed up in a mixture of biker/Sunday clothes operating the Megas Lxr type robot.

Good Ol’ Jeffery

Good Ol’ Jeffery is a Skeleton yes a Skeleton that operates a 100ft Skeleton this one of the second most interesting characters that I have seen.


Paula is the official training robot that operates a robot that looks like a cyclops and it’s pretty interesting that it is controlled by an old school computer.

Project C

This has to be one of my favorite Characters it’s a Voltron like a robot that’s controlled by five dogs I repeat five dogs it’s so funny and amazing playing a robot controlled by five dogs.


The gameplay of 100ft Robot Golf is pretty interesting with that each of the different robots has their own golfing control. I find that interesting because it gives the player the opportunity to try out the different playstyle and see which one is best for them and the gameplay of 100ft Robot Golf can be four player split screen or online multiplayer and you can even make your own custom games.


The environment in 100ft Robot Golf plays a pretty big role, how the environment changes from a cityscape, space, the moon, Hawaii like place, Tokyo like environment. The best part of the environment is that nothing can stand in your way because you’re a 100ft Robot and can destroy buildings, towers, and more to put your ball in the hole.


100ft Robot Golf was a pretty interesting game with the different variety of characters from cool to all out goofy. The robots have different play styles to expand the different ways a player could use a robot. How interactive the environment is while playing golf with others by taking down the landscapes. I recommend this game to for people that love hanging and goofing off with friends and for people like a fun time with others.

Rating 7/10

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