Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 5 Review

Rick and Morty finally did the inevitable they focused on Jerry. Jerry isn’t a terrible character but do you really want to watch him for 22 minutes? The answer is a surprising yes but only if Rick is there to play off him.

After being requested to take Jerry on an adventure by Morty Rick accepts only to make his life easier with a more stable Morty.  After being dragged out of his one room apartment at night, reminiscent of dragging Morty in season 1,  Jerry believes Rick is going to kill him. They enter a world where Rick helped orchestrate an invasion enslaving the locals forcing them to work in their resort. This prompts Jerry to be recruited by the resistance leader, Rissoto Groupon, tasking him with murdering Rick restoring their rule on the planet. As Rick finds out about Jerry’s apparent betrayal he uses him as bait to snag a ride home. Meanwhile, back at home, Beth is having trouble moving on from her divorce as she is seen building a hoof collage which deeply troubles Morty. Summer is having trouble moving on her relationship with Ethan after she is dumped giving her concern about her body image. Though she did have a relationship in another dimension so I assumed the relation was already finished but obviously I assumed incorrectly. Summer in response alters her appearance by using Rick’s Morphizer-XE to make Ethan like her but this goes all kinds of wrong. This does lead to Morty threatening Ethan for what he did to his sister which proves tough Morty is best Morty.

This might be the first step of making Jerry a “better” character as he shows spots of bravery in a more constant fashion than previously seen. However, he keeps falling back into his old habits of being weak. Rick points out that “you act like prey but you’re a predator” as people feel sorry for him then he takes advantage of their pity. The relationship between Jerry and Rick seems to have gotten better despite the whole assassination attempt. Rick reveals the obvious resent towards Jerry being that he took Beth’s future away as she had multiple options. The ending as Jerry says goodbye to Rick was a classic Jerry moment as 4 separate defense systems turn on as soon as Rick shuts the door.

The humor is there as we see Rick being naturalized, due to his cyborg implants?,  by the space TSA making him only speak in short sentences like the Nomads in Rickmancing the Stone. Seeing such an intelligent character acting with an IQ set up a great juxtaposition. Harmon and Roiland still keep elements of dark humor as we see kids shoot each other after the immortality shield goes down not being rebooted. There were many references but the most notable one was the when Beth says Summer Clive Barkered herself.

This episode was a lot better than one would expect for a Jerry centered episode and actually moved the ever-growing plot along. We get to see part of what make Rick an intergalactic outlaw trafficking weapons and overtaking a planet. But the most notable part of the episode is the confirmation of Rick’s cyborg implants overtaking his body.

Rating: 4/5

Final Thought: What did Morty do to Ethan?

  • Don Fuller

    The bit after the credits answers your question.

    • Good catch, he was so disfigured I couldn’t tell it was him. Morty is a savage!

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