New Comic Book Day 8/30/17 Reviews “Secret Empire & More”

Being the fifth Wednesday of a month means that New Comic Book Day 8/30/17 is a slight bummer but there are a few interesting releases to browse. DC has mostly annuals and specials so that is the weakest publisher of the week if you aren’t a fan of the series getting the special treatment this week.

DC Comics

New Comic Book Day 8/30/17Title: All-Star Batman #13

Story By: Scott Snyder Art By: Rafael Albuquerque, Chris Peter and Steve Wands

With DC’s only real release outside Wonder Woman, All Star Batman continues the level the series has been pumping out since issue #1.

If you want to see a good amount of Alfred then this issue is for you since he takes a priority in this issue. Though Batman still fills the quota of one Batman fight to make this issue still count as the series which offers a good amount of increasing danger delivering an impactful final scene.

Not enough Batman to make this issue good and enough to make it not bad. What saves this issue is the art as Albuquerque offers a grittiness that pairs well with Snyder’s story.

Rating: 7.0/10

Image Comics 

New Comic Book Day 8/30/17

Title: Saga #46

Story by Brian K. Vaughan Art by Fiona Staples

The new chapter of Saga has Alana in a rough spot as she is still dealing with the aftermath of the War of Phang. We see the what if scenario of Alana’s forgone child due to the latent magic remaining in her son. Saga continues a lot of the modern world humanity elements such as gender and abortion leading it to be a progressive space novella.

We see Prince Robot IV saving Petrichor from her certain death though she was welcoming death to get closure over her past. Upon saving her Robot IV shared a tender moment which started from understanding to other things… The real story starts over at the Endwife’s home who takes in Alana’s to fix her “problem.” Ending with Kurti fading away in a tender moment between brother and sister.

The art from Staples is once again gritty enjoyment but that Endwife is going to give me nightmares. Everything reverts back to normal after taking care of Alana’s “problem.” The question is what goes for normal now?

Rating: 8.5/10

Marvel Comics

New Comic Book Day 8/30/17Title: Star Wars: Jedi Of The Republic – Mace Windu #1

Story By: Matt Owens Art By: Denys Cowan, Roberto Poggi, Guru-eFX

Mace Windu receiving his own series under Marvel is a great idea. The beloved Master and creator of Vaapad fits all the qualities of a Star Wars character to get his own mini series. However, the hype is quickly winded by reinforcing plots of the Clone Wars that. frankly, could’ve been cut out. With Star Wars: Jedi Of The Republic – Mace Windu #1  only consisting of five issues this chapter holds back the story. That being said we get to see Windu use form VII, albeit only two panels, which is what readers want to see. Introducing new characters allows for fodder down the road when the mission goes haywire while also including some humor to an otherwise serious character.

The art for this issue is all over the place leaving it lacking visual appeal. The art rebounds nicely at the end but it had a rough few middle pages where Yoda (What went wrong??) looked atrocious due to inconsistency between Cowan and Poggi. What saves Star Wars: Jedi Of The Republic – Mace Windu #1 is that the fight scenes showing off Windu in full glory.

Rating: 7/10

New Comic Book Day 8/30/17

Title: Secret Empire #10

Story By: Nick Spencer Art By: Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten, Matthew Wilson

It all ends and begins here Secret Empire comes to a close which gives a fitting ending to a decent event. Secret Empire is not perfect by any accounts and deserves some of the backlashes against it. Spencer polarized the comic book community which was the point of this run and has lead to some pretty enjoyable moments.

I don’t understand the justification of why Captain America (Sam Wilson) was glorified to the extent he did because there was nothing really extraordinary from his character over the run of Secret Empire. If anyone should get the credit for this it should be Bucky because he risked his life to bring the old Steve Rogers back. Also what was with HYDRA’s Captain America having a Hulk Buster suit that seemed a little overkill for the situation.

The visual aspect of Secret Empire has been enjoyable as the art team has created stunning fights, crisp clear cut art, and implemented a good range of colorization.

Despite all the polarization, this series has created Secret Empire will go down as one of the best modern Marvel events.

Rating: 10/10

New Comic Book Day 8/30/17

Title: Star Wars #35

Story By: Jason Aaron Art By: Salvador Larroca, Edgar Delgado

Star Wars continues the chain of one-shots as it waits for a new creative team to take over the series. While Star Wars #35 utilizes a plot that is quite basic but it leads to the “old” Solo using his wit to save the day. As Solo contemplates why he is still being the errand boy for the Rebel fleet but he finds himself getting to his character qualities as what brings him back in.

The best part of this series, as it has been for awhile, is the art work. Larroca uses art resembling 3D computer graphics to give the issue a realistic appeal. This is style makes the facial expressions more noticeable giving the panel’s context and allures the reader.

Star Wars 35 is just another part of the Star Wars one-shots as it plays the waiting game for the next arc. With that being said there are many things to enjoy such as Larroca and Delgado teaming up once again to deliver in-depth detail in the art department. *Side note* Why has Grakkus been getting so much love in Marvel’s Star Wars comics?


You can find these comics mentioned above and more released on New Comic Book Day 8/30/17 at your local comic shop or online if you are a fan of the digital form of the medium (just click on the covers).

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