New Comic Book Day 9/6/17 Reviews

Welcome to the first New Comic Book Day 9/6/17 in September. After a down week from DC last week it comes back with a bang with a slew of Batman related titles ranging from Batman #30, Nightwing #28, and Harley Quinn #27.  Marvel has a decent week with Daredevil #26 leading the way while also releasing Darth Vader #5. Not to be outdone IDW has their own Star Wars Adventure going on as well.

DC Comics

 Title: Batman #30

Story By: Tom King Art By: Clay Mann, Seth Mann and Jordie Bellaire

The War for Gotham is nearing its end and the Joker’s side is falling one by one after the Batman joined the Riddler. As each villain falls Joker’s message becomes less potent and finally one remains the Kite Man.

Seeing Kit Man battle with the fact if he is a joke is pretty meta commentary by King on all C/D list villains. Instead of diminishing their value King, in fact, goes the opposite direction and reinforces that the depth of characters goes a long way into what makes comics unique and enjoyable.  The pacing of the story goes over relatively well flowing naturally as the war winds down.

King does his magic once again showing off how he can give a fresh take on Batman that goes well into the lore and villains that make the character who he is.

Rating: 9.0/10

Title: Green Arrow #30

Story By: Benjamin Percy Art By: Otto Schmidt

Green Arrow has finally found his match and I’m not talking about Black Canary. If the cover is any indication Green Arrow gets a special guest from the stars. The story does get steered into being preachy in the beginning which is soon replaced by snide banter between two green heroes who couldn’t be much different.

Schmidt does a one man job on this issue doing all artistic jobs. With all the work that goes into drawing this issue single-handedly for Schmidt to draw as well as he did was a testament to his talent. Detail was present in every panel as there wasn’t an unfinished panel in the issue nothing was phoned in.

Taking the Ninth Circle seems a bit far fetched but somehow is able to give a valid reason as to why the trip was needed. WIth the two breaking into the space station things quickly go how you think a mission with Hal and Oliver would go. Is the saga with the Ninth Circle nearing its end with both Black Canary and Green Arrow getting close to the inner circle?


Title: Harley Quinn #27

Story By: Frank Tieri Art By: Eleonora Carlini, Hi-Fi

If you were expecting the actual series to continue in this issue then you are for an unpleasant surprise. Harley goes off the rails in a filler issue that shows the writers on vacation crossing the 4th wall.

Harley rallies the freaks and geeks of her neighborhood to stop the construction of a casino ran by the Penguin from going up. It is nice to see Harley being the champion of the people showing off the long way she has come since being Joker’s side piece. With some smart thinking, the group is able to scare Penguin straight saving the city from the fallout that would have poisoned the neighborhood.

The art overall is decent by Carlini which is improved greatly by Hi-Fi’s coloring which always gives a book some pop. Though I am not sure what they did with Penguin as he looks like some sort of Liberachi Hoggle abomination.


IDW Publishing

Title: Star Wars Adventures #1

Story By: Cavan Scott Art By: Derek Charm, Jon Sommariva, Sean Parsons, Charlie Kirchoff

This comic does not offer the graphics or intensity of its counterpart over at Marvel and Dark Horse. IDW takes the Star Wars franchise in a fashion more suitable for a younger audience.

Scott creates a light solid story that goes with the Star Wars model but does so without belittling the younger audience which is a rarity. The first story was the most notable as it paints a new story for Rey a character that has been rarely touched in the comicverse.  The cover, however, is misleading as the series revolves around Rey and Obi Wan.

Star Wars Adventures #1 is a bit underwhelming compared to other Star Wars releases but it fits the younger target audience without placating them. Adventures is the comic equivalent to Forces of Destiny take that as you will.

Rating: 7.5/10

Marvel Comics

Title: Daredevil #26

Story By: Charles Soule Art By: Ron Garney, Matt Milla

After battling the Supreme Court to allow heroes to testify against criminals Murdock takes a much-needed vacation. This vacation came out of nowhere and caught him right in the Blindspot. The story progressed well avoiding many common tropes until an ending that I saw coming halfway through the issue. This “surprise” ending took a lot of steam out of the issue and demolished a lot of groundwork Soule laid down.

Morgan did a serviceable job as the lead artist for Daredevil for the last few issues but this run of Daredevil has been at it’s best when Garney is on the job. This issue is a nice reminder of how great the art can be for this run and paints a vivid picture of the Middle Kingdom.


Rating: 8.5/10

You can find these comics mentioned above and more released on New Comic Book Day 9/6/17 at your local comic shop or online if you are a fan of the digital form of the medium (just click on the covers).

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