DC comics weekly pull 9/27/17

hey everyone its yo boy sinister sheep, and ill be reviewing some of DC comics this week. Were gonna start off with “Dark knights: batman murder machine”ย  Then well jump into “Action Comics” #988 the second part of The OZ effect, Last but not least were going to look at “Nightwing: The New Order” #2.

Dark Knights: The Murder Machine

Written by Frank Tieri and James Tynion IV

Art by Riccardo Federici

After reading Dark knights: batman the red death I was really excited for the rest of these tie in’s. I love these tie in”s because usually with these big events we don’t get to see all the villains origin much less a whole issue. If there is back story then it’s usually just shoe horned in the last issue so the villains motivations make sense. what DC is doing is awesome the back stories for these villains in the Metal event is there if you want it. I want to pick up every issue of this because the concept of these villains are interesting. basically all of these villains are batman’s from parallel universe in which the batman’s turn evil and take a certain justice league characters power. with that out of the way lets talk about the issue

In this universe Alfred is killed by some of batman’s rouges gallery. This worlds batman is stricken with grief and asks Cyborg to recreate Alfred with a A.I. version. When the A.I. is created they kill all of batman’s rouges gallery. Cyborg then demands that batman stops them but instead he makes more. then batman merges with the A.I. and turns into The Murder Machine. Then Batman and the rest of the dark knights beat up cyborg and the story ends. Overall i really liked the story but some things were told and not shown. an Example batman says that he transferred his body with the A.I. but we never see it in the art.

The art in this issue was really awesome. When they showed a flash back it looked like it was all done in pencil. I like this aspect because instead of just a filter the artist actually put effort into the art.

The thing I don’t like is the price is $3.99 and it’s a short issue. cyborg while did have his own story it kinda takes a back seat to batman’s backstory. It’s a little to short and they do a lot of tell not show like i’m still confessed how batman turned into a cyborg.

The Score: 7/10

Nightwing: The New Order #2

Written by Kyle Higgins

Art by Trevor McCarthy

The concept of this series is kinda cool, at first i disagreed with it. the reason why is because it felt like it wasn’t in Nightwings character. In the world all supers are illegal because of an event that happen years ago. Nightwing or his real name Dick Grayson supports a program to get rid of all supers. there was a three day battle with super heroes and villains. Nightwing decides to use this devices and it killed 90% of the supers in the world. Including Starfire which he had a kid with and he has super powers. They try to use some drugs on him but hes immune to them. In this issue we explore Alferd and Graysons disagreements with how the supers were handled. in the end of the issue Alferd is shot and killed and the new order takes away Graysons son. Grayson is then Aressted and that’s were the issue ends.

I enjoyed this issue and can not wait for the next one. the art is great and the writing is really good. I would recommend this to anyone who wants an interesting read. I do think this should be more of a graphic novel then a mini series. besides that its pretty good.

The score 8/10

Action comics #988: The OZ effect part 2

Written by Dan Jurgens

Art by Ryan Sook

Last issue of action comics we found out that Mr.OZย  is Jor-el! Superman’s father is alive and survived the explosion on krypton. If you look at the holographic cover it makes a reference to nigh owl and silk specter from watchmen. After krypton exploded Jor-el was surrounded by a blue energy which i’m assuming is Dr.Manhattan. He is then transported to earth and into a African war zone. A family takes care of him and then is asked to leave because of the war lords that will kill them for letting an outsider in. Jor-el then sneaks into the war lords station and steals some food to give to the family. one of the little boys in the family shows the warlord a kyrptonite rock that was stabbed in Jor-el’s eye. the warlord then finds the family and jor-el and forces the boy to gun down his family. Jor-el then kills the warlord and then is transported away by a blue light. Then he is shown the history of man kind by this blue light and in the end asks superman in present day to leave earth because man kind dose not deserve him.

I thought this was a fantastic issue this story line has me excited. I don’t know what going to happen but i’m excited as hell. The character Jor-el has good motives, it may not be right but i understand why. The writing is spot on and the art is perfect. The only thing i didn’t like was that krypton story was kinda rushed.

The Score 9/10

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