Ghosted Pilot Review

Fox has not been known for handling sitcoms well especially if they revolve around science fiction cough Firefly cough.  However, it seems like the Fall lineup from Fox is looking to fix that rolling out The Orville and now Ghosted. Ghosted mixes the buddy-cop trope with a strong presence of paranormal making the show stand out and not be labeled just another cop show.

The Underground Bureau kidnaps Astrophysicist Professor turned bookstore worker Leroy Wright (Adam Scott) and Former LAPD Detective Max Jennifer (Craig Robinson) who now is working as a mall cop. The two are tasked to track down an agent who goes missing on his last mission. Scott and Robinson are a great duo as Scott is a believer after his wife is abducted while Robinson is the skeptic shooting down the idea of his partner. While the interplay is good the show is very trope driven as it takes on plot points from buddy cop series and sci-fi series. There wasn’t much that it did to create space other than merging the genres as everything came easily to the duo as things lined up in an ex machina fashion.

While the writing wasn’t the shows strongest feature it was supported by the cinematography and special effects. The shot selections focused on the small details that moved at a brisk pace similar to Brooklyn 99. However, the special effects were Ghostbusteresque featuring glowing technology and paranormal flashes what kept the show moving at a brisk pace.

Ghosted isn’t a great show but it is enjoyable continuing the trend Fox has been putting on sci-fi this fall. While Ghosted isn’t the best-written show the onscreen chemistry between Robinson and Scott is worth a watch. This show is more in the spirit of Ghostbusters than the recent Ghostbusters movie.



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