Rick and Morty Season 3 Finale Review: The Rickchurian Mortydate

This season of Rick and Morty had its ups and downs from the production taking forever to get off the ground due to perfection issues to the writer change. However, it did give viewers many fans enjoyable moments like the first episode of the season premiering unannounced on April Fools Day and the season constantly adding character development. That being said fans were expecting more episodes as only 10 episodes didn’t seem to quench the Rick and Morty craving.

This episode matched the President of the United States against Rick in an episode that moved the needle slightly but was nonstop action between the two most powerful men on the planet. Being called in to investigate extraterrestrial creatures the two investigate the catacombs, Kennedy Sex Tunnel, of the White House. The two quickly bail as they lose interest being called on demand and not getting the credit they deserve deciding to play Minecraft instead. Rick and Morty go around the planet fixing the problems of the world from making first contact with a microscopic race to fixing the whole Isreal and Palestine issue, tieing back to the Vindicators episode, giving the President full credit in order to part mutually. This launches a full-scale battle between Rick and the President showing off the technology both of each other has to offer proving, surprisingly, to be a very close fight. Rick quickly loses interest as Morty abandons him as he joins his reunited as Beth goes through an identity crisis not knowing if she has been replaced from the “ABCs of Beth” and gets back with Jerry as it feels right. 

There was a lot of humor mixed up in all the action and drama overtones as we get to know more about the character dynamics of the family. Rick constantly getting one over on the President was funny as it leads to the President getting enraged while Rick is in his usual fashion of not caring. Rick continues to exhibit Roiland’s and Harmon’s traits mentioning Reddit while also stating how he trolls Wikipedia creating Sanchezium. Though it is funny to see Rick actually afraid of pirates being an irrational fear that shouldn’t worry him being a being close to a god. Exploring the White House was probably the best part as it showed off American events in the McKinley Storage and Waste Warehouse housing Moon landing set and a Vietnam War set. The part where the President mentioned the Lincoln Colosseum and “he didn’t free them all” was the funniest joke in the episode and didn’t lose that trait despite being used as a promotional ad for the episode. One point to make note of is how this episode broke the 4th wall on numerous occasions such as Rick mentioning how South Park beat them to the virtual reality gimmick while playing Minecraft. Also, Beth out of character saying things have reverted like season 1 but “more streamlined.” This furthers the question as to if this is the real Beth as she wasn’t aware of the show before and now all of a sudden is…leading to me to think this is Rick’s programming.

Rick and Morty Season 3 left a lot to be desired and even more to be answered as it opened many questions going into season 4 like whether Rick switched the universe with another Rick and if Beth was replaced by a clone. I am glad to see the whole divorce dynamic gone as it only held the story back due to the writers not knowing where to handle it being only featured in 2 episodes max though it could’ve been tied together better. Mr. Poopy Buthole gave the outro once again giving a shot at the fans saying he’s accomplished something in his life and the fans might have wasted their time waiting. He doesn’t give an exact season 4 timeframe playing around with time only saying he might have a big Santa Claus beard by then. I would expect it next year as Harmon states he wants to prove he’s grown since the ugly breakup with Community.


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