Tokyo Ghoul Re Chapter 143 review WTF!?

Hi….. It’s been awhile since on of these reviews. I do apologize for my absence, I have been moving around a lot. However, I am back now to bring you Tokyo Ghoul Re Chapter 143 review. I really wish we could have been brought together on better standards…. Alas such is life..

Warning: Shut up and read the chapter

Chapter Summary:

So from the last chapter it is confirmed that Kaneki did arrive on the scene to save Hinami from getting slaughtered by Juuzou and co. However, we get a bit of back tracking as we see Kaneki arrive onto the scene and sees Naki’s body, which prompts Kaneki to arrive in style. Next we see a brief flashback between Juuzou and Furuta and how Furuta threatened/convinced Juuzou to agree to this operation. Which was done by holding Shinohara’s health care at ransom. When Juuzou and Kaneki meet they both come to the conclusion that neither party is backing down. Juuzou and his subordinate go into Arata Joker mode while Kaneki goes into a full Kakuja form. What could possibly be the outcome of this fated battle?


Juuzou aka CCG’S JASON AKA NEXT ARIMA                         Kaneki Ken aka THE ONE-EYED KING


Ok, so WTF JUST HAPPENED?! We don’t even see the fight between Kaneki and Juuzou we just cut to the aftermath of Kaneki sprawled out with no limbs. Kaneki was completely and totally decimated and I am upset by this. How did a man who defeated the original reaper, Arima, lose to a once human scrapper in an underground ghoul society.


I am in serious need of an explanation… I understand that Kaneki is weakened from hunger and such hence why they went to scavenge for food. However, Kaneki still had enough energy to go into a full Kakuja form. Which we have never seen by the way. Another issue I had was, WHY DID KANEKI BLACKOUT DURING THE BATTLE!!?? Seriously why, In all of Kaneki’s battles he always tries to keep a level head and manage to make a strategy for his opponents, HIS FIGHT WITH ARIMA IS A PRIME EXAMPLE!!! Don’t believe me? Look at his fight with Aura, he baited Aura into a trap all while dodging. This just doesn’t make sense. Honestly, Kaneki should have tried to send for backup when he realized what was happening. However, our one-eyed king decided to go solo… @#!$% WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!  When I first read the chapter I was in a state of disbelief.

Noticed how we do not see Hirako’s head

It wasn’t until I saw Kou drop the heads of the Zero Squad along with the giant GAME OVER that I started to take it seriously. I am livid at this chapter…. Everything that was once establish is coming to a catastrophic end with seemingly no light in sight. SERIOUSLY, HOW THE @#$! DID THIS HAPPEN?! THIS ISN’T HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE!!!


Ok so now that I got that out of my system, let’s get into what all this means. Will like the chapter stated, it’s game over. Kaneki literally has absolutely no leg to stand on, no more moves to make. This is Furuta’s check and mate……unless…. What we saw in this chapter wasn’t real? Hear me out, there has been many of times that Kaneki puts himself into a lucid dream or hallucination all over the Tokyo Ghoul series. So what if this bad ending we are seeing is merely a construct of Kaneki’s thoughts? Remember, he had a bad feeling during the scavenging, while the underground was getting raided. What if this is merely Kaneki’s bad dream while he was with the provision squad? I understand that is a really far-fetched theory, but the fact of the matter is, Kaneki’s perception cannot be entirely trusted. Even if this theory is incorrect, something about this chapter makes it very hard for me to believe. Next, we have the allusions to the Anteiku, to where it’s revealed that Kaneki did the same thing and go in solo to save everybody, like an idiot…. However, on the off chance that all of this is NOT a dream, there is a bit of a silver lining. There are many opportunities to salvage this situation. Remember in chapter 138 we have Hide, Marude, Matsuri, and Urie. Hide asked Urie to lend him his strength and Furuta revealed his ghoul side, so they can easily come to the rescue and save this horrendous situation. The point is Furuta still has a lot to answer for once he is done with GOAT. I find it funny how this is supposed to be “Game over” but we have yet to see all of the major players like Amon, Akira, Takizawa, Ayato, Kurona, and many others. Oh no, if you ask me, the game is far from over. If anything it’s about to go into it over time. Which brings me to part three…..Will we get a new main character? Alright guess we just gotta wait for Credit Roll.

Rating: WTF/10

  • Damien Bell

    Thank god I found someone who can relate…
    I can barely follow the main story in TG:re, and what is happening now got my brain frozen
    Please react to chapter 145 !!!

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