This episode had me UPSET


Hit is one of the most hyped characters in the entire series and you have JIren throw him out of the ring like a heap of trash. This is the worst writing so far in Dragonball Super. Hit was a titular character that was going to have heavy influence in the tournament of power. He taught Goku how to exceed his limits and set up for his Ultra Instinct transformation. Hit was powerful in terms of technique and mentality which is something not visited since Dragonball.

Hit added an element to Dragonball Super that Z desperately needed.. In fact Hit was very similar to Roshi in what he offered to Goku’s growth making him more likable. Additionally, Hit was a straight up cool character that was extraordinarily popular amongst fans. He made super worth watching for a multitude of reasons and the writers dropped the ball on this one. Hit was straight disrespected. How are you going to make Goku seem like a boss but have Hit bitched like that? Personally I believe that Toriyama made it clear that he only saw Hit as a plot device meant to facilitate the growth of Goku. eE had so much potential as a character and they ruined it. What really pisses me off is that Toriyama has a habit of doing this….. Remember Pikkon…. yeah me too.

The fight Itself…. not that great

Again, Jiren made Hit look terrible. Hit was being outclassed at every turn until he reinvented the time skip. This is where the episode fell off though….. Jiren walked through a technique that was essentially broken. If the writers were going to have a technique like this preformed then it should have ended Jiren. Jiren breaking out of it only affirms the fact that he is extremely powerful. Well, we already knew that. The only purpose of that technique should have been to either knock him out of incapacitate him till Goku got his strength back. Having Goku and Hit work together to fight him would have been good writing but no…. Toriyama wants this to be the Goku show again as it always is. I personally love Goku but Toriyama just rocks out with his cock out whenever it comes to sucking off Goku. Yeah, that’s right, I said it. Toriyama treats Goku with a egregious fucking favoritism.

The fight was not bad but it only asserted Jiren’s dominance. Hit really did not have time to shine. and should have been allowed to have the same type of moment that Goku had. They set the fight up to be spectacular but the creators failed to deliver. The best part of the fight was when Hit first attempted to strike Jiren. After that… no dice.

Frieza keeps delivering great promise.

This part of the episode actually cheered me up. I was opposed to Frieza being a member of the team because he was overused and Resurrection F was pig nut. In spite of this, Frieza has actually been used in a surprisingly fantastic way. Whatever he does is smooth and does not seem forced. This is good writing ironically enough. I thought Goku was about to get snuffed  but yet again Toriyama surprised everybody with Frieza’s opportunistic altruism. Toriyama brought us back to Namek when Goku gave Frieza energy by offering us the opposite. Frieza offered Goku energy just so Goku could stop Jiren. Even Fireza made it clear that Goku is the only person capable of beating Jiren mainly because of his ultra instinct. Frieza’s action also leaves room for a plethora of speculation. What could Frieza be planning? Right now it looks like he is planning on taking out all of the gods in some fashion. He said he did not want to fight Jiren so this must mean he is saving his energy for some reason? Does he have a new form and is planning to crush everybody with it after the main obstacle is eliminated? Does he plan to try and kill the gods? Is he going to try and eliminate everybody for his wish? Whatever Frieza is going to do it will be interesting.

Overall Thoughts.

This episode was slow. It looks like we are going to be “rewarded” with a great Goku finish as usual. Vegeta might get trounced again….. The TOP is really good but I hope that Toriyama does not only make this about Goku. Jiren should be tag teamed by Goku and Vegeta or Gohan. Seeing that Goku Gohan fusion would be kinda cool or at least a better alternative to the tradition. Sorry guys… only time I will ever advocate for bad writing again. Do something different at least. Maybe the whole tournament should be squashed do to a larger threat. That would be as interesting as Aisen’s betrayal. The episode was garbage and it seems the series is following a familiar trend. The episode was just a compilation of Toriyama’s past mistakes. Sorry but its true. HOPE I AM WRONG.

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