Rwby Volume 5 Episode 1 Review We’re finally back

It’s here, RWBY Volume 5 is finally here. Time for us to delve into what exactly this first episode was all about and maybe take a peek as to how the rest of the season will treat us.


Warning: Welcome to Spoiler territory.


Episode Summary:


The first episode was primarily set up for the rest of the volume. The episode opens up with Ruby, Qrow and the others finally arriving in Haven. Haven seems to be a typical run of the mill of the town. It has it’s ups and downs, but there is not anything to spectacular. Meanwhile, we see Weiss on a cargo ship leaving her oppressive home life from the last volume. However, Weiss quickly notices how her cargo driver decides to ignore cries for help. Next we see Blake back in menagerie, beside Sun and Blake’s father finally agreeing on something. Blake talks to a white fang member where Blake learns that there are big things in the works and Blake might not be able to stop any of it. We cut back to Haven where Qrow and others are talking to Professor Lionheart. We learn about relics and how it’s possible to open with the power of the four maidens. Apparently, the spring maiden has gone missing after a while due to stress and abandoned her training. We soon learn that the spring maiden is most likely under the possession of Raven and her bandits. However, Lionheart is unable to go through the plan due to lack of proper manpower and walking in head first in a bandit tribe without a good plan is essentially a death sentence. However, after the conversation we soon learn the real reason why Lionheart was against the idea. Turns out Lionheart appears to be threatened by one of the members in the Salem faction. Next we get treated to Yang being Yang which is something we need since it lacked A LOT in Volume 4. We learn that Yang is looking for her mother, Raven, but I wonder why and where exactly that road will lead her. Lastly, Oscar, officially meets up with a drunk Qrow and is introduced to the others…




As I said before, this is a good setup episode. All we learn is where all of our main characters are and where they are going. In terms of the main heroines, Ruby, Weiss, and Yang seem to all be going in the similar direction. However, Blake doesn’t seem to be leaving menagerie anytime soon. Which is fine as it was established in Volume 4 that Blake was going to try and reform the white fang back into what it use to be. Personally, I will be a little bit disappointed if Blake doesn’t end up going anywhere location wise but I suppose it is fine. What may end up happening is that while Qrow and the gang are going after Raven. Raven’s location might end up being somewhere near Menagerie, which is how Blake and the other heroines can reunite. Weiss’s story and character development might be a little more difficult and interesting. This is because, unlike the other heroines, Weiss is truly alone and has nothing to fallback on. In the ending of Volume 4 Weiss lost everything, her inheritance and even the right to leave her own home. So I am curious as to how Weiss will be able to move around in the real world with absolutely no fall back. Sure, you can also argue that Yang is also alone, but Yang never relied on her family status for anything unlike Weiss. Weiss from volume 1 was a whiny, self centered, privileged brat. However, her character developed DRAMATICALLY over the series all for the better. So, I am very much looking forward to how Weiss will continue to evolve in Volume 5. Ask for Oscar, I have no idea what role he will play in the rest of the series. It’s obvious that he is linked to Ozpin. However, we never learned why that is? Is Oscar a descendent of Ozpin or what? I really hope Volume 5 touches on that or at the very least we learn exactly who or what Ozpin is, as it seems his cane is very important and I assume it is a relic of some sort. All and all, I am looking forward to the rest of Volume 5.


Rating: 8.5/10  


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