Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Ep. 1&2 Review: Heroes of Mandalore

Star Wars Rebels returns for a fourth season, but this will be the last season, unfortunately. Last season picked up the intensity of the show having the characters go through major events as the rebellion started to go into full swing. This forced the characters to change a bit as each character had their own hurdle to jump over.  The events of season three remain mostly unfinished which allowed the fourth season to begin with an impactful episode full of action.


This episode as the title suggests revolved around Sabine and Mandalore. The episode opens as the Empire has captured Sabine’s father, Alrich, and a rescue mission is starting to unfold. Sabine’s past comes back to haunt her yet again as her weapon has been used on her brother and mother who luckily are on the edge of the attack. The second episode goes behind the weapon and how Gar Saxon is on a power trip trying to rule Mandalore. As Saxon is the enemy for this episode we see the presence of Thrawn behind the larger events which will shape how this season will play out.  Sabine is able to turn her weapon on the Empire’s armor frying stormtroopers at the base and in the process Ezra is almost impacted as well due to his retrofitted gear.  Bo-Katan having rejected the responsibility takes on the role of reuniting Mandalore after seeing how Sabine took responsibilities of her past mistake.


RebelsThe graphics have improved over the start of this series and season four appears to at the peak of visuals. The actions scenes were fluid and well rendered as fight within the base played out exactly like a live action would have accounting for physics of gravity.  The coloring was vivid as the episode as it had a wide array of colors which showcased the graphics of the Star Wars Rebels. While there was a lot of action there was a notable increase of character growth as Kanan was grilling Hera on their relationship status mid battle. Ezra was also flustered when Alrich asked if he had come with Sabine. This episode seemed a bit rushed at times despite being extended for an extra episode. Though looking back from the last episode of season three it makes it a bit less jarring as season four starts with the immediate aftermath of the rebellion’s fight against the Empire.

Heroes of Mandalore highlighted Star Wars Rebels best work to date mixing action with character growth. As Rebels looks to tie up any loose ends I would expect nothing except the same quality we have come to expect for the rest of its run.

Rating: 9.0/10

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