Brave Frontier 4 Year Anniversary/Current Events

Happy 4th Anniversary Brave Frontier. Hey, everybody, this is SoulSaber. Back with Brave Frontier, but this time its special Brave Frontier is in their Fourth Anniversary. I hope you all enjoy

Brave Frontier 4th Anniversary Login Campaign (Septemeber 30 – October 26)

Anniv2017 02

During the time of the Collaboration if you log in every day from (Oct 18, – Nov 30, ) you will get items every day for logging. Here is a list of the Items (Summon Tickets can be used to summon also)

Vortex Arena Electrical Showdown (Thunder Vortex Arena)

(Nov 2 – Nov 7 23:59)

VAThunderMake sure your Thunder squads are strong and ready. The Thunder Vortex Arena puts your Thunder squads to the test where your squads will battle other squads to take the number spot and reap the rewards.

This is the Squad I’m working on and will be using.

  • Storm Guardian Razak (Omni form)
  • Inquisitive Soul Rhoa (Omni Form)
  • Colossal Spirit Jireid(Omni Form)
  • Sacred Shift Becstain (Omni Form)
  • Erza Scarlet (Leader) (Omni Form)

  4th Anniversary Events

     4th Anniversary (Special Events Stay 4EVER!)
From this 4th Anniversary onwards Nov 1, these following events will be permanent to Brave Frontier Global the events are

  • x8 Increased Honor Points 4EVER!
  • Super Honor Summon 4EVER!
  • Raid Medal RUSH 4EVER!

    Special Exchange Hall (4th Anniversary Special)

Anniv2017 04

  • Event Duration

    November 1, – November 30, come visit the Exchange Hall located at the Imperial Capital Randall and trade your Merit Points for evolution materials and more with 2x exchange limit (except for spheres)

    Below is the list of permanent special spheres that are available 4EVER

    Sphere Name Cost (Merit Points)

  • Alpha Shield (5,000)
  • Angel Sword (5,000)
  • Buffer Jewel (20,000)
  • Phoenix Wing (5,000)
  • Sacred Treasure (15,000)
  • Fire Mail (5,000)
  • Water Mail (5,000)
  • Earth Mail (5,000)
  • Thunder Mail (5,000)
  • Light Mail (5,000)
  • Dark Mail (5,000)
  • Sol Creator (5,000)
  • Luna Creator (5,000)
  • Mock Crystal (5,000)
  • Divine Spear (5,000)

Anniv2017 03

Frontier Rift Raug Phantasm (Located in the Akras Summoners’ Hall Survey Office)

Frontier Rifts have more challenging content compared to the Frontier Gates. You will fight monster waves and Defeating monster will go towards your Frontier Rift Rank The higher your Rank the more Frontier Rift tokens you’ll get. The Frontier Rift Tokens can be redeemed at the Event Bazaar, in the Frontier Rift.

The Rift Tokens can obtain you (Omni Tridon)


(When i Obtain him i will give details on Tridon)


Past Units that got Omni Forms

Little Sister Nyami

Leader Skill (Midnyaight Twinkle Pawz)

100% boost to Atk, 40% boost to max HP, 30% boost to critical hit rate, 150% boost to Spark damage, hugely boosts critical damage & probable damage reduction to 1.

Extra Skill (The Elusive Kitty)

Probable damage reduction to 1, enormously boosts Spark damage for 2 turns when Sparks have exceeded certain amount & Spark damage boosts BB gauge.

Brave Burst (Surprise… Cat Smack!)

18 combo powerful Dark attack on all foes, fills own BB gauge to the max, adds probable evasion to self for 3 turns, hugely boosts Atk and critical hit rate for 3 turns & considerably boosts critical damage for 3 turns.

Super BB (Zoom Zoom Zooom!!)

23 combo powerful Dark attack on all foes, 5 combos powerful Dark attack on a single foe (consecutive uses boosts damage), casts stealth on self-boosting own Atk and critical hit rate for 2 turns, boost own Spark damage for 3 turns & adds probable Spark critical for 3 turns.

                                                              Ultimate BB  (Nyami Fever!!)  

32 combo massive Dark attack on all foes, 9 combos massive Dark attack on a single foe (damage relative to HP remaining), adds evasion for 1 turn, enormously boosts Spark damage for 3 turns, adds probable powerful Spark critical for 3 turns & enormously boosts Atk and critical hit rate for 3 turns.


Brave Frontier has Done a lot in Four years and I can’t wait to see what brave will do in as time goes by. This has been SoulSaber with Brave Frontier 4 Year Anniversary/Current Events catch everyone on my next post bye-bye



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