Dragonball Super Episode 123 Review: Vegetas New Form

DBS feels more like Dragonball

I was very impressed this episode because it brought themes from Dragonball back. Jiren is one of those characters that is so powerful that just raw strength and transformations will not be enough to beat him. The writers made this point abundantly clear in episode 123 as Goku became a master tactician yet again. This fight between Goku and Jiren was much more entertaining because it showed Goku thinking outside of the box and applying his battle experience in a tactical way which is something we normally do not see from Goku. The tactical use of the Kienzan to push Jiren off the stage was masterful and made me think back on the days where Goku had to outsmart some of his stronger opponents. This episode displayed a perfect fusion of the DBZ”s overwhelming power increases and DB’s martial arts emphasis. As Jiren stated he was seeking something beyond strength and it seems that DBS is subtlyย  dropping hints on what is beyond strength with how this fight plays out.


Vegeta finally got HIS transformation. I like the direction DBS has been going because uniform transformations have been left at the curb. For a while it was a super saiyan firesale. Everybody was becoming a super saiyan but of late that is not the case anymore. We first saw this with Trunks as he achieved Super saiyan Rage. Next was Goku with Ultra Instinct and now Vegeta has his own transformation which we will find out details later on. Vegeta has his own transformation now and it looks like it is strong. I personally feel that it has elements of UI and it is a power increase from standard blue. The good part about these new transformations is that they are exclusive to the personality of the character and since Vegeta has such a dynamic personality, this transformation will be impressive in its own unique way. The way he was fighting with Goku made me really appreciate the writing that is being done.

On the whole

This episode gave us great context as to how this tournament is going to play out. Whis mentioned earlier in the anime that both Goku and Vegeta were talented fighters but had fatal flaws that significantly impaired their potential. Whis implied that they would eliminate these weaknesses by supplementing them with complimentary strengths. In other words, what Goku lacks Vegeta has and what Vegeta lacks Goku has. Whis was implying that they fight best in tandem and that is exactly what we are getting. As time goes on their cooperative attacks will become more cohesive and complementary. By the end of the tournament, they will fight as a good team. A good comparison would be the relationship that exists between Near and Mello from Deathnote. By themselves they did not surpass L but when they worked together, they surpassed L and Kira. I would say that this episode is foreshadowing a proper ending to the tournament that will satisfy us all in some way or another.


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